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Controlling Anger

During initial stages of abstinence, you may face situations that make you angry & resentful.

health and fitness Updated: Jun 17, 2003 18:29 IST

Why do alcoholics get so angry?

Alcoholics have many unsatisfactory experiences in life. During the initial stages of abstinence, you may come across situations that make you frustrated and resentful. You have

accumulated so much anger

that it only requires the slightest provocation to set you off.

The second reason is that you have found that

anger works

and that you are conditioned to continue its use. Thus, for you anger becomes a pattern of behaviour.

Anger is expressed by acts of violence - verbal or physical. Or it keeps simmering below the surface. It burns as a silent resentment. Sarcasm and abrasive humour are also expressions of this bitterness. It corrodes you until nothing is left but a raw-edged hole. Sometimes, suicide might seem as the only way out.

The Attitudes Anger Helps Create

Disappointment"I’m heart broken." "It’s all so upsetting…"
Depression"I feel like killing myself." "Wish I were dead."
Silent ResentmentNo obvious reactions
Sarcasm"How smart of you" (meaning quite the opposite)
Self Pity"Why me?" "Only I suffer so much…"

Unfortunately anger not only affects people around you, but also manifests physically in you.

Physical SignsBehavioural Signs
HeadacheVerbal Abuse
Lack of AppetiteUnnecessary Arguments
Sleep DisorderIsolation from Society
Always TenseBrooding, Relapse


First Published: Jun 17, 2003 18:29 IST