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Fit & How

Fitness fanatics Suneil Shetty, Milind Soman and Rahul Dev may have different workout schedules but they agree on two things — that Akshay Kumar has the best body in Bollywood and smoking is the biggest health sin.

health and fitness Updated: Jan 31, 2009 23:39 IST
Itee Dewan
Itee Dewan
Hindustan Times

Suneil Shetty
Fitness for me is

: Being functional. I’m fit to do anything and everything.

Fitness routine: I exercise for an hour-and-a-half a day, six days a week. It includes cardio, followed by weights and abs. It’s not just sweating out in the gym — some days I play cricket, I don't work out. Or when I do action on the sets, I make sure I do all the rehearsals myself.

Diet: Simple. Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper. But I make sure I have carbohydrates before two in the afternoon and proteins after that. Also Saturday evenings are for binging. I have a massive sweet tooth. I love all Indian desserts.

Body part I hate working on: I don't like working on my body only. Working out also keeps one mentally strong.

Best body in Bollywood: Akshay Kumar.

On six and eight packs: All actors look good but I have to give it to Salman for maintaining that look for more than 20 years. It's not a joke to maintain that.

A health sin: Smoking. Alcohol in moderation is okay.
A childhood diet blooper: I think we got on to the colas big time. Every time I had a meal, I needed a soft drink. Thankfully, not any more.

Milind Soman
Fitness for me is: To be active all the time. The less you sit, the more you’re fit. I don't really have a gym regimen. I work around 15-16 hours a day and make time for exercise. It doesn’t have to be in the gym, it could be swimming, running or trekking.

Fitness routine: I exercise about eight hours a week. Sometimes it could be 20 minutes, sometimes an hour or even three hours a day. Last fortnight, I ran the 42-km marathon. It was tough!

Diet: I’m not careful about my diet. Once you attain a level of fitness, you start listening to your body. Your body talks to you all the time, it’s just that you don't hear. It’s only when you are fit that the connection gets stronger.
Body part I hate working on: I don’t like doing weights.

Best body in Bollywood: Akshay Kumar. He's got an athletic body. I like a functional body, not something which looks interesting but can’t do much. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger; it’s good to look at but that's about it.

On six and eight packs: I would rather run 42 kms than have a six-pack any day.

A health sin: Smoking. I say this out of experience. I was a smoker. Thankfully, no more.
A childhood diet blooper: None. But yes, if you ask me about my comfort food it’s plain Belgian chocolate.

Rahul Dev
Fitness routine:
I work out five times a week, broken into three days then an off and two days then an off.

Diet: I believe that what you eat is what you get. Don't deprive yourself of anything. That way you enjoy life better. Just balance it out. I don't drink and I don't smoke and I’m a vegetarian by choice.

Body part I hate working on: I love all my body parts but I find working on my legs strenuous sometimes.

Best body in Bollywood: Akshay Kumar. It's not just about looking good, it's about what you can do with it.

On six and eight packs: I have had six packs for the last 16 years!

A health sin: Smoking.

A childhood diet blooper: I used to eat all wrong. Thankfully, it changed. But yes, I’m still addicted to chocolates and ice creams — I love them!

First Published: Jan 31, 2009 23:37 IST