Kinds of Asphyxia

The aim of first aid is to drain out water or other matter from lungs and to give artificial respiration.

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Drowning is the result of complete immersion of the nose and mouth in water (or any other liquid). Water enters the windpipe and lungs, clogging the lungs completely.


The aim of first aid is to drain out water (or other matter) from lungs and to give artificial respiration.

    Act quickly. Remove seaweeds and mud from the nose and throat. Start artificial ventilation immediately. This is possible even when the casualty is in water.

    Turn the victim face down with head to one side and arms stretched beyond his head. Infants or children could be help upside down for a short period.

    Raise the middle part of the body with your hands round the belly. This is to cause water to drain out of the lungs.

    Give artificial respiration until breathing comes back to normal. This may have to go on for as long as two hours.

    Remove wet clothing.

    Keep the body warm, cover with blankets.

    When victim becomes conscious, give hot drinks viz coffee or tea.

    Do not allow him to sit up.

    After doing the above, remove quickly to hospital as a stretcher case.

    Strangulation and Hanging

      Cut or remove the band constricting the throat.

      If suspended, raise the body and loosen or cut the rope.

      Give artificial respiration.

      To do the above do not wait for the policeman.


First Published: Sep 08, 2003 16:45 IST