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Stay fit with these easy tips

Functional foods don’t just provide us with nutrients, they have disease-preventing properties as well. Soya is recommended for anyone who is on a high-protein diet. Read on to know more.

health and fitness Updated: Jul 24, 2010 16:41 IST
Parul Khanna Tewari
Parul Khanna Tewari
Hindustan Times

Power protein

Soya products
These are considered a source of complete protein and recommended for vegetarians and vegans.

Why it’s good for you
Soya is recommended for anyone who is on a high-protein diet such as sportspersons and pregnant women, says Dr Richa Anand.

Flora of the gut

Soy productsProbiotics

Friendly bacteria that are good for our body. They can be found in foods like yoghurt and buttermilk, and also in products like probiotic drinks available in the market.

Why it’s good for you
Probiotics aid digestion and builds up immunity. According to Dr Richa Anand from Hiranandani Hospital in Mumbai, they reduce intestinal inflammation, diarrhoea and constipation.

Quite fresh

Fortified juice
Fortified juices are a variant of packaged fruit juices, produced by beverage companies to counter the loss of nutrients from fruit when it is made into juice.

Why it’s good for you
These juices have nutrients like Vitamin C, D or calcium added to them. According to Dr Kaur, such juices can help one gain more nutrients.

Check the salt

Low sodium salt
Low sodium salt tastes like salt but has less sodium content. It can help a person cut down on their salt intake, as a high sodium diet may cause high BP, heart disease, water retention and kidney problems.

Why it’s good for you
"Low sodium salt is good for people with heart ailments and hypertension," says Dr Jasjeet Kaur, head, nutrition, Fortis Hospital. Alternatively, you could avoid using salt in cooking, use fresh herbs or spices for taste and eat fewer processed foods.

All that’s best

Multi-grain atta
It is flour that is not just made of wheat but is generally a mix of wheat, jawar, bajra, soya, ragi, barley and maize.

Why it’s good for you
Multi-grain atta is a good source of fibre, says Dr Richa Anand. "It is advisable for the obese, diabetics and people who have high cholesterol.”

Stay fit with these small steps
Take the stairs rather than the lift, whenever you can.
Remember that sugar is nothing but empty calories. Replace it wherever possible.
Avoid processed and packaged foods.

First Published: Jul 23, 2010 16:41 IST