Avengers Infinity War producer says they kept a huge secret from stars during filming

Avengers Infinity War makers revealed that they kept the outcome of Thanos’ fingersnap a secret from the cast as well.

hollywood Updated: Aug 12, 2018 19:26 IST
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HT Correspondent
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Avengers Infinity War is the biggest superhero film made in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Avengers 4 is the next big superhero film that fans await with bated breath to find out if their favourite heroes will return after being ‘killed’ by Thanos’s finger snap. The producer of Avengers: Infinity War recently revealed that even the actors in the film were not aware of what awaited them in the end.

In fact, the makers revealed to actors that many of them might not make it post Avengers Infinity War on the day of the shoot.

“We were meticulous about each of the characters and spent a lot of time discussing how each character’s death would affect future films,” said Trinh Tran, the producer of Avengers Infinity War to Comicbook.com.

Adding further, he said, “’The snap’ was always part of our story discussions from go. We all agreed Thanos needed that iconic moment, and definitely used the comics as a reference point. We had Josh Brolin, in mocap, snap his finger on the day. Many other filmmaking aspects went into creating the iconic moment. The build-up to the snap was just as important as the snap itself.”

The producers and the core creative group understood the importance of timing when it came to revealing important plot points to the actor. The producer also explained, “The core creative group – writers, producers and directors – hold the keys to all that is going-on. From there, it’s a matter of just being careful how far the information gets out and at what time. We were very protective of these two films. They are our biggest endeavour at the studio and we wanted to preserve the information and not have anything spoil the fun out of discovering it for the first time in theatre with the audiences.”

Avengers 4 is slated to release to release on April 26, 2019, and will be directed by Anthony Russo and Joe Russo.

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First Published: Aug 12, 2018 19:18 IST