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Katy Perry’s film seems to blame Russell Brand entirely for split

Katy Perry’s film documentary, which is based on her 12 month world tour, gives an honest insight into the breakdown of her marriage to Russell Brand for the first time.

hollywood Updated: Jul 03, 2012 13:04 IST

Katy Perry’s film documentary, which is based on her 12 month world tour, gives an honest insight into the breakdown of her marriage to Russell Brand for the first time.

The 27-year-old singer’s film unexpectedly hits with scenes of her wailing uncontrollably into her sequinned costume while thousands of fans waited for her to make her dramatic entrance on stage.

At one point, a raw-faced Perry couldn’t even communicate whether she wanted to go ahead with the show in Brazil - her biggest audience to date - because she couldn’t stop sobbing long enough to talk.

The show did go ahead, and as Katy was seen doubling over in pain as she forced the last few tears to fall, clutching the wall for support as she gasped for breath wearing a rotating sparkly bra.

By the time the 27 year old popped up on stage, she had a Hollywood smile plastered onto her face and was strutting around her candy cane stage looking happier than she’d ever been.

This is the Katy that has been seen for the last six months following her split from Russell, after he filed for divorce at the start of January - unaffected, still working and very much loving life.

But thanks to Part of Me, which aside from the California Dreams tour, looks back through her religious upbringing and struggle to make it big.

Although Katy and Russell hadn’t been seen together for weeks, it was a huge shock when they announced their split earlier this year.

But Part of Me shows the lengths Katy went to save her marriage before the comedian threw in the towel.

The film starts with Katy and Russell so in love, with the married couple sneaking off together hand in hand backstage and professing their feelings for one another every few minutes or so.

Fast forward a few months and Katy is seen crashed out on a plane, asking when her relationship days are in her tour schedule.

Bare faced and curled into a ball, she looks exhausted as she’s told she won’t be able to fly off and see Russell - wherever he is - for 18 days.

While the actual split or the cause of it isn’t spelled out, the divorce announcement is dealt with via a series of news announcements.

Katy is then seen, a month or two later, attempting to explain why the pair parted ways.

Describing how she never expected to have to choose between love and a career, Katy expected her marriage to be a fairytale where everything fell into place.

“I always thought ‘when I find that person I won’t have to choose. They will accept me and not be threatened by my career’,” the Mirror quoted her as saying.

“I thought the person I would be with would be accepting and supportive.

“Then I realised that’s not true for me right now,” she said.

With the blame safely placed in Russell’s hands - with Katy implying that not only did he avoid flying out to see her, but he never fully supported her career - the singer goes onto burst into tears when asked if she still misses him.

Russell, who by this time is heavily involved in yoga and seeing a string of gorgeous brunettes in LA, doesn''t exactly get his own point of view across.

And while he isn’t directly blamed for the split, Katy is portrayed as a woman who is desperate to save her marriage and broken when it eventually breaks down.

First Published: Jul 02, 2012 17:36 IST