School students distribute home-made face masks among people from the weaker sections of society.
School students distribute home-made face masks among people from the weaker sections of society.

Delhi school events: VJPS, Rohini, organises Gift A Mask programme

During the event, the students also joined hands in the noble deed of donating books to the children from economically weaker sections of the society.
PUBLISHED ON FEB 24, 2021 01:30 PM IST

With an aim to help the underprivileged In the times of the Covid-19 pandemic when wearing the face mask is mandatory for everyone as per the guidelines of the Union health ministry, Vidya Jain Public School (VJPS), Rohini, organised Gift A Mask programme, realising that the markets were running out of masks.

While we were doing our best by staying at home, many people like garbage collectors, guards and delivery boys were still providing us with their active services during the lockdown period.

Those people needed all protection against the coronavirus. Due to the shortage of masks in market, they often had to wear the same masks beyond its allowed usage. As a community service initiative, the school students gifted homemade masks to those people. They started by rolling out a DIY video which demonstrated simple ways to make masks and the right way of wearing them. The school worked with its students, their families and teachers to make and gift masks thereby spreading the message of grit and staying safe. The school utilised the quarantine time to design masks and encouraged the students for mass participation!

The school also organised Mask-A-Thon Drawing Competition wherein the students created designs for face masks.

The students also joined hands in the noble deed of donating books to the children from economically weaker sections of the society. They gave their old books and notebooks to those children so that they could study at home when their schools were closed down and they had no access to online classes.

The endeavour sensitised the students about the need of the hour -- i.e. the attitude of sharing and caring. The school education is incomplete if it doesn’t teach the children about the appreciation of moral values like helpfulness, fellow feeling, consideration for others, readiness to cooperate, awareness of responsibility, tolerance, caring and sharing.

VJPS believes in the motto -- ‘Hands that heal are more pious than the hands that pray’. For its students, service in any form is beautiful. To give encouragement to the underprivileged by empathasing with them and to awaken hopes in their hearts are the greatest service for the students. Social service to them means much more than visiting old age homes and schools for the blind or attending workshops and seminars. It means empathising with those people who are neglected and deprived. The VJPS students interact with them and make them feel wanted and better as the focus is on the betterment of the society.

SMGS, Meera Bagh, hosts awareness drive on masks

Face masks, an important tool to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, aren’t going away anytime soon. But when we throw them away in a casual manner, they can harm the environment and the animals.

To spread awareness about the same, AASHREY, the animal welfare club of St. Mark’s Girls Senior (SMGS) Secondary School, Meera Bagh, took an initiative to sensitise students by showing them a video. The students were encouraged to do their part by taking a little care while disposing the masks so that they don’t harm animals. They were informed that trash puts animals at risk and now it’s a wake-up call for all of us to avoid such animal casualties.

Webinar on cyber safety conducted at SRDAV, Dayanand Vihar

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic when the role of social media has become very important in all fields of life, the lurking dangers like cyber bullying, data breaching and phishing, to name only a few, can’t be ignored. To sensitise the students of Classes 6-12 about these issues, a webinar was organised at Shaheed Rajpal DAV (SRDAV) Public School, Dayanand Vihar, by cyber safety evangelist Rakshit Tandon.

Easy access to information is indeed an advantage but there is a dark side to it also. There is an equal risk to every piece of information.

It is thus necessary to protect ourselves from cyber bullying and risks related to it. Tandon strived to create awareness on pertinent issues like impact of pandemic on cyber crime, cyber bullying and its types. cyber- inappropriate behaviour by teenagers, legal and academic consequences of indulging in cyber bullying, safety on social media, internet etiquettes to be followed by the students were also the focus of discussion. Tandon’s eye-opening session greatly inspired the students to adopt social safety measures.

Tandon, the resource person, also laid emphasis on how staying virtually safe during the pandemic has become imperative to safeguard ourselves from falling prey to malicious intruders prying into the crucial online data.

School principal Renu Laroiya in her address stressed that cyber safety is interlinked with the safety of not just one person or one system but also the digitally connected community in this globally connected world.

Cyber security is no more a choice in today’s digital world . It is a necessity for a safe and secure lifestyle, especially in the times of remote teaching and learning.

The Covid-19 pandemic has, almost overnight, made us adapt to the online mode. Truly, the social media proved to be a great boon for the schools during the pandemic by rapidly disseminating educational content and thus making home schools a reality.

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