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HT Codeathon: Coding is vital for young minds

India’s first-of-its-kind coding initiative for schoolchildren, HT Codeathon, is being widely extolled and continues to draw an enthusiastic response from not only educators but also students & parents

ht-school Updated: Sep 25, 2020, 20:25 IST

The 21st Century ushered in new challenges, opportunities, shortcomings, and also offered multiple solutions. A mind filled with ideas is the “intellectual capital of citizens”, which has become a driving force for improving skills. To survive in the pandemic, one needs to adopt collaborative approach, creative thinking and imagination, and critical analysis to solve the problems. Therefore, I would like to urge academicians and students to be more flexible when it comes to learning and utilise every opportunity. The future of technology is programming and a technologically-advancing society needs more programmers. Learning to code at a young age gives children an edge, while the exposure helps them analyse and think logically. The newly-emerging concept would surely equip children to learn something useful and help them acquire the much needed skill.

Today’s children are our future global leaders. The responsibility of equipping the younger generation with the right thought process and engaging them in constructive ways rests with educational institutes and the media.

HT Codeathon’s initiative to inculcate the healthy etiquettes of digital learning by involving children at a young age is a laudable step. By acquiring such skills at a young age, our children will be able to participate in shaping the global economy in future.

Simmi Juneja, Principal, DAV Public School, Thane


We are happy that HT Codeathon kept the students engaged with their love of technology as well as their ease with it. During these days of the lockdown of physical schools, the vibrancy of creativity is kept alive for our students’ thanks to such programs. It is a brilliant way to engage with students. Thank you HT for the opportunity.

Sudeshna Chatterjee, Principal, EuroSchool Airoli


“Exercise is to the body is what coding is to the brain!” The new-world literacy will be measured by the scale of one’s efficiency in coding. HT Codeathon provides a platform for young minds to indulge and showcase their logical skills. Congratulations HT for stepping in and opening the doors to new-age literacy to everyone.

Vinaya Sambargi, Head of Department, Information and Communications Technology, EuroSchool Airoli


HT Codeathon has been a fun learning experience for my son as it is a platform where coding is taught in an innovative way. The part my son enjoys the most is quiz as these are exciting. It is one of the best lockdown events that kept the students involved in innovation as well as keeping them updated with times. I thank our school and Hindustan Times for giving the children this great opportunity.

Dr Ushma Punatar, parent of Aditya Punatar, Class 6, EuroSchool, Airoli


I have always been amazed by how one can use technology to breathe life into ideas. I’ve been developing apps and games with various development platforms like Scratch, MIT App Inventor, Qbasic, HTML, Javascript and most recently Python. Life in the times of the coronavirus has also meant that I play online games. So, when HT Codeathon came up with the theme of Game Development using Python, it was music to my ears. I find the hands-on tutorials very helpful. The course is exactly what I like — learning by doing without spending too much time on theory. I am looking forward to learn how to use Pygame to develop games in Python, at the HT Codeathon.

Medhansh Mehta, Class 8, EuroSchool Airoli


Coding is a basic literacy in the digital age, and it is important for us to be able to work with and understand the technology around us. It’s fun for me to learn coding. Whenever I get free time, I try to invest it in coding which also acts as a stress buster for me. Coding involves creativity. With this, we can build our own computer games, animation movies or interactive digital artwork. HT Codeathon is so innovative that it motivates me. The topics included in the syllabus are also very interesting. Codeathon will help me and my companions to create a bright future for ourselves, and none of us would like to miss this wonderful opportunity.

Tanmay J Mahadik, Class 9-E, DAV Public School, Thane

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