National Pet Day | Amit Sadh says he doesn't like to refer to his pets as dogs: They taught me how to be a good father - Hindustan Times

National Pet Day | Amit Sadh says he doesn't like to refer to his pets as dogs: They taught me how to be a good father

ByNavya Kharbanda
Apr 11, 2024 09:01 AM IST

To mark National Pet Day, actor Amit Sadh exclusively talks to us about his bonding with his three pets.

For Amit Sadh, his three pets aka “four legged people” as he prefers to call them, is an “immeasurable” part of his life. The fact that he actor isn’t comfortable calling them ‘dogs’ and he often sends them away to his mountain home so that they don’t feel claustrophobic in a closed home only shows his unparalleled love for his furry companions, Tango, Mike and Cocca. On National Pets Day, Sadh opens about what these pets mean to him and why. (Also Read - Amit Sadh: I bring a lot of animal study into my acting, I just change and that's my USP)

Amit Sadh on National Pet Day
Amit Sadh on National Pet Day

“I don’t like calling them dogs. I’ve got three four-legged people, my pets, and their species is called dogs,” smiles the actor, introducing Tango and Mike as energetic young pups, and Cocca, the wise elder statesman of the pack.

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“Tango is an Alpha and his brother Mike, a German Shepherd, and both are eight months old. Cocca is twelve years old now. He is the more gentle, loving, and polite one. They are madly obsessed with me and I am madly obsessed with them,” says Sadh, instantly reminiscing about his past companions, Brando and Liam.

“I lost Brando last year, and I lost the love of my life, Liam in 2020. I am grateful for the love they brought into my life,” the actor gets emotional, as he continues, “Liam was the second alive soul that I was closest to. He was my only friend in my struggling days. We’d wake up together, go for cardio, eat, and do everything together. He was psychotically in love with me. The moment he felt my life is back on track, he left me when he was 14. I started calling him ‘old man’ towards his final days, and a piece of my heart broke when he went away. I still remember him every day of my life.”

As a pet parent, the 44-year-old doesn’t believe in only big talks but put his words into action, and therefore, his devotion to his pets extends beyond just affectionate words. “They deserve to live in open spaces and not in closed homes, so I send them to my house in the mountains. Having pets is very special. Their intelligence, selflessness, moody and loving nature — it’s like a constant party with them. They are a major part of my daily lifestyle and routine. Everything revolves around them, it’s like taking care of children,” says Sadh, thankful that everyone in his house loves animals, and he looks after them like raising children.

“Our lives are planned according to these pets. If I’m away for a shoot, I compensate by spending time with them once I’m back. Especially with big ones, if you don’t engage, their mental health gets affected and they feel bored and depressed. I have a feeling they have taught me how to be a good father,” he quips.

Despite his demanding schedule, the actor ensures that his pets never feel neglected. Asked what all activities he plans for them and Sadh tells us, “We have a beach day every now and then, it’s like a ritual I have with them. When I go for shoots, sometimes I take them with me. We have a special person and car for this purpose. So, when I was shooting in Manali for two months, they were with me there. I cannot stay away from them for too long.”

When it comes to pet care, animal lovers follow different ways and what suits them the best, however, Sadh’s approach is rooted in respect and understanding. “I don’t leech my dogs, we communicate with them politely, they are never shouted at. It is my aim that they should not have fear that they will be beaten. I’ve just returned from LA, and they’ve slept in my room only for three-four days. They don’t have a voice, but still have more communication. They are the biggest stress busters. Humans have so much to learn from their loyalty and affection,” Sadh wraps up.

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