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Emma D'Arcy, Cara Delevingne, Emma Corrin: Non-binary celebrities who are pushing the boundaries of genderfluid fashion

ByAalokitaa Basu
Jun 11, 2024 02:09 PM IST

Emma D'Arcy debuted gold teeth grills at the UK premiere of House of the Dragon. However, they're not the only one upping the ante with their personal style

The second season of House of the Dragon will commence streaming on HBO starting June 16. The London premiere of the uber-successful Game of Thrones spin-off hosted on June 10 saw much of the cast gather together to celebrate the series. Present among them was the elusive Emma D'Arcy who made quite the splash with their androgynous OOTN, carrying an unmissable hint of gold.

Non-binary celebrity fashion icons: Emma D'Arcy, Cara Delevingne and Emma Corrin

Emma D'Arcy

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Emma D'Arcy turned out for the London premiere of HOTD, in an oversized whimsical, two-toned suit paired with a black-on-black polka dotted button down and muted red shoes. However, what caught everyone's attention was the set of golden HOTD-themed teeth grills the actor casually flaunted.

Emma D'Arcy at the UK premiere of House of the Dragon
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This is not the first time Emma has made a splash with their sartorial pick. Their personal aesthetic largely being androgynous, Emma tends to gravitate towards experimental, oversized silhouettes. Their Acne Studios Golden Globes look last year for instance, featured an oversized blazer with a floral touch, layered over fitted trousers, a matching skirt and bejeweled boots. The latex gloves in blue complimented their matching mane.

Emma D'Arcy opted for an Acne Studios ensemble for her Golden Globes outing in 2023

Also a constant with Emma has been experimentation with their locks. Icy blonde, ruby pink, electric blue — the actor has tried it all. They're currently rocking a slick-backed brunette short bob.

Emma Corrin

English actor Emma Corrin shot to overnight fame with their portrayal of Princess Diana on Netflix's The Crown. Emma's name belongs in this list, solely for how profusely the actor experiments with textures and silhouettes. Sporting a slightly grown-out pixie cut for long now, Emma will either accentuate their face with stained, punk-themed makeup or go all-bare and let the crazy (good!) fits do all the talking.

Take their near-holographic one-shouldered JW Anderson bubble dress from the London premiere of film My Policeman in 2022. How many people you know, could possibly carry off a dress which resembles a goldfish in a plastic bag?

Emma is also the same actor who for a magazine photoshoot last year, sported an armour-esque ensemble made entirely out of cutlery, with a fork for their head accessory. Corrin's wardrobe then, is testament to the fact that not having a template, is the template for gender-fluid fashion.

Cara Delevingne

Picking up from that last line, Cara Delevingne is another example of un-templated gender-fluid fashion. The model and actor who came out as genderfluid in 2018, flaunts a rather 'feminine' personal aesthetic.

Though Cara does not shy away from gowns, trails and long locks, every now and then she will switch things up with an out-of-the-box ensemble. Take this year's Met Gala for instance, where she opted for a thoroughly bejeweled, hooded Stella McCartney body armour.

A muse to late Chanel legend Karl Lagerfeld, she paid ode to the designer by cosplaying as him at last year's Met Gala. Cara turned into Karl, in spirit, with a pair of studded fingerless gloves and a feathered skull cap doubling up as a wig to reflect the latter's signature white hair.


Speaking of cosplay, singer and songwriter Ashnikko is a shining example of how to mobilise the practice, not to hide but to reveal oneself. Cosplay may involve dressing up as a certain character but Ashnikko, with her cobalt blue locks and half bangs is essentially playing herself.

In an interview with Forbes, the Slumber Party hitmaker, had opened up about using her fashion to help her battle imposter syndrome. Having come out as genderfluid in 2021, Ashnikko's aesthetic does not just traverse gender confines, but also time periods.

Corsets, printed fishnets to Victorian era-inspired ensembles - 'goth misfit' is what best describes her style.

Which other celebrity do you think, is pushing the boundaries of fashion?


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