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A man who savours live snakes!

This 35-year old Bihari relishes a saucer full of snakes everyday and particularly likes the taste of reptile's blood.

india Updated: Dec 08, 2006 19:39 IST

Rephrasing the old adage-an apple a day keeps the doctor away-Neeranjan Bhaskar of Bihar's Arah District has been savouring snakes for over two decades now. But if you are thinking they must be dead snakes, it isn't like that. He eats them alive!

Everyday, the 35-year-old black magician, Bhaskaran, relishes a saucer full of snakes, which gives him a strange sense of joy. He does it for his liking for the reptile's blood

Bhaskaran narrates that it was at the age of seven while he was on his way to school that a Cobra appeared before him from somewhere, leaving him completely taken aback with its scary appearance. But just when it attacked him, he bit him in retaliation and chewed it to the end, saving his life. Since then, Bhaskarn has been eating them without hesitation.

In fact, he eats a snake everyday, and claims that he has gobbled up over 10,000 snakes including different types of cobras and kraits.

"I like eating snakes since childhood. Today, it is my habit. Till date I have eaten roughly 10,209, including this one that I just ate. I eat a snake everyday. I can live with 400 snakes," said Bhaskar.

For Bhaskar's family, it remained a hidden reality for seven years initially.

It was only when Bhaskar, who was by now turned a 14-year-old, that his father got the shocking news about his son's bizarre taste. His father tried his best to convince him to give up his inclination for reptiles, but it was in vain.

Bhaskar is married and has four daughters, whom he has trained to deal with snakes without fear.

With the passage of time, Bhaskar's neighbours have accepted his strange fascination for snakes.

"He has been my neighbour for about three years and this is the third time I have seen him eating snake. First time, I found him eating a cobra. He eats snakes, starting by their tails," said Rajendra Mahto, Bhaskar's neighbour.

Bhaskarn also gave a live demonstration by catching a Dhamin snake from the banks of the Ghaghara River, gobbling it up in 15 minutes.

He claims that he can live with snakes for 40 days at a stretch. And, for this claim, he wants to ensure a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. The current world record of living with deadly snakes is for 32 days. But he is sure to improve upon the established record for 40 days at a stretch.

First Published: Nov 23, 2006 16:40 IST