Adhoc assistant surgeons in Jammu win sympathies

Adhoc assistant surgeons demanding their regularisation now have won the sympathies from various quarters, reports Sanjay Khajuria.

india Updated: Dec 19, 2006 18:59 IST

Adhoc assistant surgeons who were demanding their regularisation now have won the sympathies from various quarters. 'Boycotting of Screening Test' has made the unrest of adhoc assistant surgeons about the callous attitude meted to them a talk of the town.

It was not only today that they protested over the unsympathetic attitude from exam conducting agency but they had been, time and again, engaged in such protest for their survival. On Sunday they burnt their call letters on the other day they marked a protest by burning Xerox copies of their MBBS degrees/marks sheets to register their anger and annoyance against nelson's eye attitude towards them who are taking care of the rural healthcare in far remote areas.

Rajesh Pandoh a junior engineer in PHE said that this is injustice from government not to consider them at par with PGs who have only three years experience that too in an academic institute. 'While these adhoc doctors have been churned out from field experience and handling emergencies lacking the due infrastructure at peripheral locations, he said and added this needs to be weighed by the examination authority.

Worth to mention, way back in late 90s the then government, in an attempt bring the derailed healthcare in state back on the track, appointed adhoc assistant surgeons who still are serving but with a sword of uncertainty hanging upon them. Though some assistant surgeons were confirmed through PSC in the subsequent years but they managed to get their orders modified while this odd chunk continued their jobs far away from their homes, sources said. Of the 300-400 adhoc doctors 127 have been left many had left their jobs in panic while some who crossed the upper age limit for government job opted to join private sector outside the state, sources in health department said.

Ironically, the successive governments had failed to deliver justice to them and give due preference and acknowledgement to their field experience as was offered in other states, said a protesting adhoc assistant surgeon. He said that for the last few years particularly it is felt that government has only exploited the human resources.

"Despite their 5-7 years of serving in the health department, instead of getting the benefits of 'in service candidates' (though on adhoc basis), state governments had always put them on cross roads with insecurity and uncertainty of their job," another female doctor added.

She said, "Warning signs started with Draconian order no 1084 Health & Medical Department of 2003 dated 10/10 2003 which referred to the 'reappointment of assistant surgeons on adhoc basis." Another doctor lamented that instead of acknowledging our rural services and bestowing some gratification like reserving seats in PG Courses or regularising their services we have been made to run from pillar to post to get justice.

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First Published: Dec 19, 2006 18:59 IST