Advani peeped at Congressisation of BJP

The Leader of the Opposition also said he would like to be Prime Minister.

india Updated: Apr 05, 2006 17:42 IST

Senior BJP leader LK Advani, who recently expressed keenness on a change in his party's image, on Wednesday, said factors like infighting and corruption do hurt the party.

The Leader of the Opposition also said he would like to be Prime Minister.

When asked if he was worried about BJP, Advani termed the growing corruption in the party as 'Congressisation' of the BJP.

"Infighting, factionalism, corruption... All these things... They do hurt," Advani said while talking to a news channel.

To a question whether he wanted to be the Prime Minister, the former Deputy Prime Minister said "I don't see anything wrong in wanting to be... Liking to be (Prime Minister)."

"That's for the party and everyone to decide... Very often these matters are not decided even by the parties... these happen themselves," he remarked adding the choice for the top job depended on varying factors.

The former Deputy Prime Minister also regretted what he called gradual political degeneration in the country after 1947.

"Let me say that prior to 1947, when we got freedom, gradually things started degenerating and gradually it came to a point that politics did not remain what it is in other democracies," Advani said.

He, however, said he did not feel out of place in what he perceives as a changed political environment. "It's not difficult.... I have seen so many people who have contributed so much without getting anything in return," Advani said when asked whether he found uncomfortable in the present political environment.

First Published: Apr 05, 2006 17:42 IST