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'All Hindu terror accused should get bail till their trial ends'

Top RSS leader Indresh Kumar has asked the government to ensure that all accused in the Hindu terror cases be released on bail pending trial. In an interview with HT, Kumar said that justice should be provided to the Hindu terror accused at the earliest.

india Updated: Aug 07, 2014 00:26 IST
Rajesh Ahuja
Rajesh Ahuja
Hindustan Times

Indresh Kumar, one of the top leaders of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) was probed by the CBI and NIA in the Hindu terror conspiracy. But the NIA now has no plans to question him in any of the case due to lack of evidence. The NIA is also planning to file charges in the Sunil Joshi murder case claiming that his killing was due to personal enmity and not connected to the larger Hindu terror conspiracy. Indresh, 65, spoke to HT on all these issues.

The NIA has no plans to question you in any of the Hindu terror cases due to lack of evidence. The agency has also concluded that Sunil Joshi murder case is not connected with the larger Hindu terror conspiracy. Why do you think your name figured in the probe?

From the very first day I said that the Congress-led UPA government was trying to trap the RSS and its some office bearers including me under a conspiracy. The (previous) government and some politicians had hatched a deep-rooted conspiracy.

Would you like to tell their names?

All those Congress leaders sitting in the government. Majority of them were involved.…..the top brass. All the home ministers (of the previous government). Even the Congress leadership.

Prime Minister?

Don’t know about the (former) prime minister. But he is also involved as he didn’t speak a word. Congress leadership was involved.

You mean to say Sonia Gandhi?

The top Congress leadership was involved. They tried to misuse probe agencies and media but Congress could not succeed in its conspiracy. They committed sin and crime by trying to charge and malign Bhagwa, Hindu and Sangh. It is one of the reasons of the present political mess the Congress finds itself in. The Congress led UPA government first misused ATS, later CBI and then NIA whose main job was to keep an eye on terror and terrorists and take action against them. Don’t know whether they did that work or not but some of its officers were misused to trap patriots and giving bad name to patriotism. Situation was such that people like Pragya singh, Assemanand and Bhavesh and others faced such coercion that they lost their health. The probe was done during the Congress and UPA regime. The conclusion drawn by the NIA is victory of truth and patriotism and defeat of conspiracy and conspirators.

Many people are languishing in prisons for the last three to six years despite not being chargesheeted. If we take into consideration the (concepts of) human rights, democracy and justice for all, many people have been got big punishment despite being not guilty.

Least the probe agencies can do that under the process of justice, they should be allowed to come out on bail. It is their moral duty. Innocents and patriots got the image of criminals and terrorists in the minds of probe agencies and the process of justice, now it is time that this image should go as it was a conspiracy of the last government.

The present (Narendra Modi-led) government has many priorities but this case should also be one those priorities.

You never denied that you knew Sunil Joshi?

Please answer whose agent are you? Then I will answer your question. The question has nothing to do with conspiracy.

It is up to you if you don’t want to answer the question.

No, I have answered the question. Either I know (him) or don’t, it has nothing to do with the case. By asking this Hypothetical question you will also criminalise yourself as you will be doing (a) wrong (thing). I don’t want you to commit such a crime. Last government committed many crimes; you should avoid making yourself a criminal.

When it was alleged that Swami Assemanand raised suspicion on you, did you believe that Aseemanand can say such a thing?

As I told you earlier, it was a conspiracy hatched by the then government. They misused bureaucracy and investigation agencies.

The NIA is likely to charge Pragya Singh Thakur again in the Sunil Joshi murder case, but said earlier that she faced health related problem due to the ‘julm’ during the earlier government?

That’s why I said very clearly that the NIA should be careful as to not make anyone criminal without any reason. If they can not provide justice, at least they should refrain from doing injustice.

If you believe that a conspiracy was hatched against you, why don’t you name the people behind it?

From the beginning we had decided not work with an intention to take revenge, whether they were politicians, probe agencies or media people who wrote stories. We believe that they will be punished on their own for the wrongs they committed. We never had any ill-will against anyone earlier or even now. But I will add that justice should be provided, injustice should not be done.

What should be done?

Keeping them (Hindu terror accused) in jail will be like continuing the injustice. The justice should be provided to them at the earliest. The NIA and government should do everything to bring them out of the jail. They will face trial. If Muslims can get bails just because they are Muslims, then least the NIA can do is ensure bail for them. The NIA should show guts. I hope they will do their work.

What about a clean chit for you since they have probed you for so long?

Their charges will not make us criminal. Who are they? They are not our character makers. Our character is from us, from God. Neither had I anything to do with the charges, nor I need any clean chit. I was already clean. If they give me clean chit, at least their own crime and sin will get alright. It is up to them to decide how they are going to atone, earliest they should do it.

Why are you not forthcoming on your relations with Sunil Joshi?

You are mistaken. I gave you a clear answer if you could not understand it is your problem. Knowing (him) or not knowing has nothing to do with the case. There is no co-relation. You came to meet me, suppose if your relative commits a crime, they some asks me, that whether I know you or your relative. The incident is not related to knowing him or not. You want to develop a misleading story by asking me whether I knew him or not. You should not go in that.

Did you ever believe what the probe agencies have said about Sunil Joshi?

The biggest thing is that if the NIA is saying that this incident (his murder) is not related to terrorism, it makes the picture clear.

But they have also said the whole group of Hindu extremists was raised by Joshi?

I have said from the day one that it is a political conspiracy.

It is alleged that your number was in the dairy of Sunil Joshi? You met him in Jaipur as well?

My number is also in the diary of the NIA officials. Even your diary has my number. Is that make you all criminal or terrorists? If someone has my number in his phone, they will be called patriot not criminal. People of this country have discarded all attacks carried on me by the government, probe agencies or media. At least now everyone should understand.

First Published: Aug 07, 2014 00:22 IST