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Bawdy Line | Wife is always right!

What a week it has been! I’m in the US and have visited some beautiful places. Key West, which is a four-hour drive from Miami is one of them, writes Aryan Vaid.

india Updated: Apr 02, 2009 21:36 IST
Bawdy Line | Aryan Vaid
Bawdy Line | Aryan Vaid
Hindustan Times

What a week it has been! I’m in the US and have visited some beautiful places. Key West, which is a four-hour drive from Miami is one of them.

How I wish beautiful places brought out the best in all of us and that the inner beauty would somehow reflect in such a beautiful surrounding.

Well, but I have realised sadly that being in one of the most beautiful places on earth may not necessarily mean a beautiful experience.

Nonetheless, the desire to watch the sunset in this beautiful place was a bonus although the clouds decided to play villain. So all that we saw at the end was the sun disappearing behind the clouds.
But the sun playing hide and seek with the clouds wasn’t the reason for my unhappiness. It had to do with coming face to face with a monster that we all call love.

Among all the emotions
that we possess, this is probably the one that comprises all the other emotions in varying degrees. And depending
on which emotion is dominant at that point, it determines our feelings.

In an earlier column, I wrote why there was no need to play games in love. Sadly, love is a game that involves two players.
And no matter how much you think you are in control of a situation, given the intensity and the complexities of the emotions involved, it does turn into some kind of silly game.

Crazy times
Moving back and forth between happy and crazy times, relationships have always intrigued me, be it mine or my friends’ because many people I speak to are looking at solving the questions surrounding their own relationships.
Relationships force us to introspect and look for answers that probably lie with someone else. I’ve learnt many lessons in love and had a series of heartbreaks.

Coming back to Key West and my romantic rendezvous, with (for all those who still don’t know) my wife, it varied from happy moments to rather unhappy ones.

And I was like a little kid all over again who hadn’t learnt any lessons in life, at least as far as love was concerned. And that’s the toughest part to deal with. How love can transform us and have complete power over us. So there I was in one of the most beautiful places of the world feeling really unhappy.

Who’s fault is it?
Without getting into details of my personal life, let’s just say that I’m in the process of discovering how difficult marriage really is. And it’s no one’s fault.

It’s just that when two people decide to spend their lives together, the adjustments are really difficult to make — adjusting to each other and not to forget the mindset that all decisions should be taken jointly.

Well, looking at the funny side of marriage, as someone once said, “You can either be happy or be married.” Recently, my father-in-law gave me some words of advice: “The wife is always right.”

And while I hoped to connect with the deeper levels of my being, I realised that funny as those words sounded, they were true in many ways. I have come to believe it too. Yeah, the wife is always right!

First Published: Apr 02, 2009 21:29 IST