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CPI(M) and its scant regard for human rights

Vir Sanghvi in Lesson from Nandigram (Counterpoint, November 18) had cleared our doubts about all the trouble which took place there.

india Updated: Nov 24, 2007 22:37 IST

Vir Sanghvi in Lesson from Nandigram (Counterpoint, November 18) had cleared our doubts about all the trouble which took place there. Those who think that the true lesson of Nandigram is the poor man’s right to hold on to his land or to the imposition of the rule of law on extremists, are missing the point. The lesson is about the true nature of the CPI(M), a party that does not recognise the difference between the rule of law and the rule of the politburo. Most of the people would have supported Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee if he had used the instruments of the state to regain control of Nandigram.

M Sampath Kumar, Delhi


Vir Sanghvi rightly says that we are mistaken if we take the CPI(M) to be just another political party. Communism has never believed in human rights and considers its leaders fair, even when they brutally butcher innocent people. The question is why the land which was allotted to farmers is now being snatched away in the name of industrialisation. Either the earlier allotment was wrong or what we are seeing now are dirty tactics. It is clear that the CPM goons are above the law. The CPM neither gained any sympathy nor succeeded in the fight against extremism.

GK Arora, Delhi


It seems Vir Sanghvi has not made up his mind as to whether to criticise the CPI(M) or praise it for its atrocities on poor farmers in Nandigram. Communists do not believe in democracy but participate in elections only to capture power and subvert the system. They are carrying out this task in Kerala and West Bengal and have succeeded to a large extent at the Centre.

N Divakaran, via e-mail


Howsoever rigid and politically disciplined the Left may have been in its approach, it has no patience with dissent. The massacres, tyranny and suppression of human rights at Nandigram are just another instance of the brute force that the Left never hesitates to use. Is it not ironical that the party that created all conceivable obstructions to development projects at the national level has crushed the peaceful protest by unarmed villagers at Nandigram? Even the feudal lords of the Middle Ages would not have been so self-contradictory. The Left in Bengal has neither been true to its political ideology nor has it shown any administrative talent.

Ved Guliani, Hissar


The only criteria that must govern acquiring land is attractive compensation, generating employment, alternative shelter and transparency. We must promote the middle path as the cardinal principle of life but obviously the communists feel otherwise.

BM Singh, Amritsar

On the Brand Wagon

This refers to Manas Chakravarty’s Importance of being Govardhan (November 18). The whole world has now taken notice of the abilities and the achievements of Indians. We need to understand that now India and ‘being Indian’ are brands in themselves. We should appreciate this fact and continue the hard work.

Komal Gupta, via e-mail