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Flying "Lightly" in New Millennium!

The 'enlightened' energies that pervade the atmosphere are seeking to "en-lighten" every human being, yet we find it difficult to accept this...

india Updated: Dec 08, 2003 15:07 IST

Heavy mental burdens and taut nerves are the biggest bane of modern society. Even when people laugh, it does nothing to "lighten" them up, as laughter sounds so hollow. It doesn't come from the depths of the heart, to reach up and keep the eyes aglow with mirth. It is the diversion of a brief moment from the dark lives that most of us lead.

However the 'enlightened' energies that pervade the atmosphere of the Earth are trying to tell us a different story. They are desperately seeking to "en-lighten" every human being, yet we find it difficult to accept this, as we have slipped into the 'comfort' zone of 'uncomfortable' dark thoughts and energies.

Some of us who take time off to meditate, or use other methods of energy work to 'lighten up' find it easier to cope with the accelerated energies prevailing, yet this also seems a very temporary kind of thing, an oasis of cool pleasant energy in the cacophony of the darkness of the mind. The whole aura is still tightly wound around us, not allowing us to reach the Source of Energy within us.

There is, however, a beautiful exercise which we could practice, to spread out our auras to their full capacity, and even beyond. I call this loving procedure "Living and Loving Lightly"!

After your normal prayers and meditations, sit up straight. Visualise a brilliant light above your head, and feel the light raining down upon your aura, soaking it with this living, loving energy, that is 'pranic' energy. Much like a sparkler, these sparkles of golden and coloured lights fill the aura, and transform it into a fairyland.

Now pull down a ray of light, like a laser beam, through the crown chakra. And take it behind you to the centre point of your shoulder blades. This is the place where all tension of the mind and body starts to manifest. With every breath, let this intense light drill through this point until you gradually feel the mind and body release all tautness.

Now comes the most interesting part. As you breathe in more light into this area, visualise yourself growing a scintillating crystal 'wing' on your left side. Watch it grow with every breath, and it could even become the size of your house! Repeat this exercise, by growing your right wing, and bringing it to match the size and energy of the left wing.

You are now balanced energetically on both sides. A slow smile appears on your face, as the crystalline energy permeated the whole body, making it feel as if it was actually rising upwards. You will soon feel as if you are ready to fly past our solar system, sail through the stars, into the Great Beyond, ready to touch the face of God, and feel His Breath loving you eternally!

The energy of this exercise will remain with you throughout the day. You are actually Flying through Life on Wings of Light!

First Published: Dec 08, 2003 14:27 IST