'Get bolder and break the hypocrisy'

Bowled over by the Bhatts, Onjolee Nair says the Bhatt camp knows how to treat nudity in an aesthetic manner.

india Updated: Mar 06, 2006 10:51 IST

Onjolee Nair, discovery of Pooja Bhatt, made a splash in Holiday. Bowled over by the Bhatts, Onjolee says the Bhatt camp knows how to treat nudity in an aesthetic manner.

Before joining the Bhatt camp, weren't you a little apprehensive about the fact that this clan has lot of hot movies to its credit?
I don't agree that Bhatt camp makes only hot movies. In fact, people have not understood the themes and subjects they have highlighted. The concepts are so bold and different that one needs guts to make such films in a traditional society like ours.

What do you have to say about exposure and skin shows that are there in Bhatt films?
If you shoot any sexy scene with aesthetic appeal, I think it doesn't remain hot anymore. It appeals the script and relates to the theme of the story. It doesn't seem to be a film just for the sake of exposing.

So, are you comfortable exposing in Bhatt films?
I have no problem in exposing because I know that the Bhatts treat exposure in a very aesthetic manner.

But don't you think exposure is something, which violates our social ethics?
See, this is our biggest problem. Whatever we do, we don't talk and what we talk we don't do. So, aren't we being hypocrites? One has to get bolder and break this hypocrisy for the benefit of the society. I think Bhatts are doing the right thing by making films on bold and relevant subjects of modern times.

First Published: Mar 06, 2006 10:44 IST