Good actions make life meaningful

Spiritual knowledge guides us how to tide over a crisis. This knowledge can be enriched by meditation, yoga and charity.

india Updated: Mar 28, 2006 12:11 IST

The cycle of birth and death is a great mystery. We are not always born into families of our choice.

We might well think why were we not born in a great family! But this is perhaps determined by our past karmas–partly to pay off our old debts and partly to earn new capital with our good deeds, if we want to do that.

As children we have no definite idea of the purpose of our living and thus many years pass away before we get even a glimpse of the purpose of our coming to this world. Obviously life in itself has no meaning, unless we ourselves give it meaning and direction.

Life is certainly not for eating, sleeping and procreation. Life doesn’t revolve just around family, friends or social life either. So what does life mean? The answer perhaps partly lies in the above purposes. But its larger and ultimate aim, as every spiritual thinker says, is to gain spiritual knowledge and do good.

We feed our mind with lots of worldly knowledge. We feed our body with lots of nutrients. But do we seriously think of feeding our soul with right diet? Either we don’t know that this area has to be looked after or we don’t care.

Or possibly, even if we do, we think its too hard a job. The result: man is always running around in search of elusive peace. Despite all this power, pelf and name in society, man lacks inner peace. Therefore, it seems essential to always remember God and do good deeds. And never be violent in thought, word and deed. What hurts us hurts others also.

Only spiritual knowledge guides us how to tide over a crisis. The spiritual knowledge and energy we gain from reflection and practical goodness restrains us from hatred or nurturing any ill feeling towards others. And this energy can be wonderfully increased through meditation, yoga and charity thus giving life a completely new meaning.

First Published: Mar 28, 2006 12:11 IST