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Guys and their whacky notions!

Why is it so that guys can get away with all the fun while girls must always carry a 'virgin' tag, says Nitasha Sharma.

india Updated: Jan 05, 2007 11:19 IST

"Big deal if I have slept with many girls I am a man; and its my birthright"

This is what my best friend Pallavi's fiancee Armaan said one day.

No, I am not breaching anyone's privacy. I am notamong those peoplewho have to talk and brag. But being a girl myself, it is important to get the real picture of men out in front of the world.

Pallavi is a darling and a one man's kind of girl. With a beautiful heart and looks that turn many heads, she’s in one word, "perfect".

She met her fiancee Armaan almost 8 months before her engagement. The courtship period was exciting, and so was the urge to know each other more deeply. The sensitive aroma of love was always around.

Everything was fine, until Armaan opened up to her: He told her he had slept with many women, he didn’t even remember how many.What he remembered was that he had never been with a slut. His encounters were only with the girls he went around with.

It shocked me, although my sweets, Pallavi, seemed all right with this. She was keen to forget his past and begin things afresh. I wanted to tell her that such guys can never be satisfied with one girl. But who was I to comment? Her happiness was all that I asked for. And they seemed devoted to each other. So I could be wrong.

Once I saw Pallavi very unhappy. I asked her why, but she didn't answer. So, I thought it would be wise to wait for her to tell me herself. And then one day, she opened up and said she had confessed her past to Armaan.

Well, her past goes thus: She loved a guy named Swapnil. They were in a relationship for almost two years. But one night he died in an accident.This shocked her and it took a lot of effort to bring her back to normal. What made matters worse was that on one occasion they had surrendered themselves to love. They loved each other truly, madly, deeply.

She opened up to Armaan thinking he wouldn’t mind, since he had a ‘past’ as well. But then he did mind. And accused Pallavi of being unfaithful. The guy who couldn’t even remember the number of girls he had slept with, said: "You slut, what makes you think I can take this"? I want my wife to be pure, a virgin. Pallavi tried to reason with him, but he just said: “I am a man dear, I can afford to do such things. It’s my birthright, you see."

Obviously, this tossed Pallavi’s soul. She couldn't take it. Their families tried to intervene and mend things, but in vain. So Pallavi decided to remain single always and never, ever marry.