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Taking inspiration from male celebrities' firm chests, Indian men too are opting for breast correction procedures.
IANS | By Radhika Bhirani, New Delhi
UPDATED ON MAR 03, 2008 05:56 PM IST

Women are not the only ones going under the knife for that perfect cleavage. Indian men too are opting for breast correction procedures to flaunt firmer chests.

According to Anup Dhir, a senior consultant at the department of cosmetic surgery in Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, male breast correction surgeries started three years ago and are increasing at the rate of 50 per cent every year.

"Nobody spoke of such surgeries, especially in the context of men, three to four years ago. But they have become a rage nowadays," Dhir said.

The notion of an ideal male cleavage is a perfectly sized breast along with being clean and hairless.

Dhir observes that common men are awe-struck with the way male celebrities flaunt their bodies.

"Men today are highly influenced by the fashion trends set by handsome, young celebrities on television. So they have developed an urge to imitate them in every way and this is just one of the ways."

Samir Parikh, chief of the mental health and behavioural science department, Max Healthcare, agreed: "Media projections of looks, consumer marketing of good looks and peer pressure all encourage youths to be vulnerable to meet the ever changing fashion trends in our society."

Another doctor, Devansh Sharma, cosmetic and plastic surgeon at Max Healthcare, said: "We get almost 50 to 60 patients every year and the numbers are increasing gradually."

The common chest-related surgeries and treatments include reduction mammoplasty to reduce breast size, pectoral implants to correct flat looks and laser hair reduction for a clean chest.

"Reduction mammoplasty costs between Rs.50,000 and Rs.75,000 whereas pectoral implants can vary between Rs.90,000 and Rs.95,000," said Dhir.

The cost of an ideal six sittings for laser hair reduction treatment for the chest can cost up to Rs.30,000, said Seema Goel, director of Berkowits Clinic, which provides the service.

Regarding the popularity of laser hair removal, Goel said: "Laser hair removal has gained immense demand over the years and, interestingly, men form 50 percent of our total clientele.

"Twenty-five percent of these men, who maybe young or middle-aged, wish to go in for chest hair removal in particular. Also, this trend is mostly observed in aspiring models and actors."

However, model-turned-actor Milind Soman told IANS: "The modelling industry doesn't demand a clean chest. It entirely depends on the comfort level of a model. I can walk the ramp with equal confidence unshaved."

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