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Do a SWOT analysis to put your career on right track, says Shalini Verma.

india Updated: Aug 08, 2006 18:22 IST

Choosing a career is a multi-pronged process. It involves reflecting on a number of things including your aptitude and attitude.

This is more of a soul-searching contemplation rather than any research-based investigation. There is one tool that you should adopt—SWOT analysis for career planning.

SWOT (the acronym for strength, weakness, opportunities and threats), is an analysis that focuses on internal and external environments. It highlights the strengths and weaknesses in the internal environment and opportunities and threats in the external environment.

In order to construct your own SWOT analysis and to set a course for your career planning, you could start by examining your current situation. What are your strengths and weaknesses? How can you capitalise on your strengths and overcome your weaknesses? What are the external opportunities and threats in your chosen career field?

Explore your perception of your strengths, and put yourself in a prospective employer's shoes as you consider your strong points.

While assessing your weaknesses, dwell on what your prospective employers may consider to be areas that need improvement. Then, try and capitalise on your strengths and minimise or eliminate your weaknesses. Next, you could start planning on how to market yourself, your acumen and your area of expertise.

You could adopt the following three-step process to strategise how you could market yourself:

Determine objectives
Develop strategies
Strategise an action plan

It is of paramount importance that you define your career objectives first. You could do this just by pondering over these: What are the areas where you could use your inherent skills? Having determined your career objectives you need to be more specific. What are the sectors, companies you're going to target to obtain your dream job? How will you communicate with these firms?

The writer is the author of the book Body Language: Your Success Mantra

First Published: Aug 08, 2006 13:14 IST