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I've my own philosophy: Aryan Vaid

I don't read up another person?s philosophy on faith. I wouldn't want to mould my philosophy based on what may be the truth for someone else.

india Updated: Nov 18, 2003 11:22 IST
? As told to Natasha Grover
? As told to Natasha Grover

I am not ritualistic about my beliefs but I do make it a point to go to the temple once in a while. I don’t perceive God as a particular entity. For me, he’s omnipresent: A force that guides everything in the universe.

Anyone who’s the source of ultimate happiness for me is God. There is this divine force that we can reach by just communicating with ourselves. No matter how hard science may try to deny the presence of that superior being, till date no one knows who was responsible for the Big Bang, the phenomenon that led to the creation of the universe.

I believe all the unhappiness in the world is not because He doesn’t care for us: It’s more about our bloated egos. We just think the world of ourselves when the truth is that we’re just small specks in the universe.

I don’t remember Him all the time but at the end of the day, I unfailingly thank Him for being so gracious to me. He’s chalked out a certain plan for each one of us but at the same time has given us the freedom to live life according to our own sweet will. He’s the greatest forgiver. And I don’t think he wants us to keep a fast or repent to achieve enlightenment.

My parents were not the reverent kind who would force me into following some kind of a ritual or belief. So, I guess, whatever little I do practice by way of faith is what I have learnt through the course of life. The best way of making one’s way into His good books is by facing a crisis situation with guts and honesty.

Whenever I do go to a temple I like to sit there for a while to soak in the tranquility and get some peace of mind. My favourite place of worship is the Harekrishna temple in Mumbai. And the one festival that I just love to celebrate with the whole family is the Festival of Lights. It’s so bright and cheerful that I can’t bear the thought of celebrating it alone.

I am not the kind who reads up on another person’s philosophy on faith. I don’t want to mould my philosophy based on what may be the truth for someone else. I believe in the most powerful law of the universe: Do your deeds without expecting any results.

First Published: Nov 18, 2003 11:06 IST