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KJ on his sexuality

He is a victim of his sexuality. Karan Johar reacts to the rumours.
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UPDATED ON JUL 29, 2006 04:27 PM IST

He is the King of candy floss cinema. But he has been a victim of his own sexuality! Director Karan Johar reacts to the gossip surrounding his sexual status. Check KJ in a rapid fire round with HTTabloid.

There are rumours galore about your manliness. How do you react to them?
I don’t react to such baseless rumours. I feel pity on people who spread such crap. I don’t bother about all these futile talks.

You are 34 and still unmarried.
I don’t bother much about marriage. Marriage will happen when it has to
happen so why worry about it? I concentrate at my work rather than other things. I think I will get a girl that is destined for me.

Since you have made a film on extra-marital affairs in the society,  what’s your personal take on it?
Though I am not an expert on the subject, I think immoral relations are rising and there should be ways to stop it. Otherwise it will affect our social values and the institution of marriage.

Is it true that you prefer big stars in you films?
Yes, it’s very much true that I want to make films only with big stars and I don’t feel sorry about it ever.

So what’s next after Kabhi Alwida Na Kehna?
I can’t tell you right now because I don’t know myself. My work is always influenced by the life around me.

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