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Love, sex and marriage?

I am madly in love with a Sikh girl. She loves me too. We have had sex many times and she wants to marry but I am a Muslim. Please suggest a way out.

india Updated: Apr 10, 2006 20:30 IST


Love, sex and marriage?

I am madly in love with a Sikh girl. She loves me too. We have had sex many times and she wants to marry but I am a Muslim. Also, she does not want to marry in the Sikh community. She is very loyal to me. Please suggest a way out.


Sex life is exciting but...

I have been married for last four months and all these months our sex life has been exciting. But, from last few weeks I just don't get an erection (however hard I try). And one fine day, I will wake up and will get a proper erection. My question is does having sex everyday affects the erection level and why is it that on some days I don't get erection at all and other days everything's fine? Please explain in detail.


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Marital discord ruining life

My wife and I share a cordial and warm relationship from past two years (it was a proper arranged marriage, no problems of dowry. The greatest problem is that she dislikes my parents and brother and my parents dislike her due to various incidents in the past. They are very temperamental and have argued bitterly on many occasions. My parents want my Wife and in-laws to apologize whereas wife & in-laws find fault with parents' behaviour. I am torn between the two warring parties. What is the logical step to take in such a situation?


Reply From Dr. Prem Lata Chawla:
You do have a serious problem on your hands, so as to qualify for a 'victim' of the great joint family system of India. Problems of this type, when not sorted out amicably eventually lead to a split in the joint set-up. All six of you (her parents, your parents and both of you) should sit together on equal basis and argue out of this problem. The important point is 'equal basis'. There can never be a solution in case any one party considers itself superior to the other parties.


Embarrassing stretch marks

I am a 22-year-old girl about to get married in a few months. Due to few extra pounds, I have stretch marks on my arms and legs. I feel very embarrassed because of them and can't even wear sleeveless tops or short skirts. I also feel uncomfortable opening up to my husband physically due to this. Please help and advice if there is any cure for it.


Reply From Dr. Prem Lata Chawla:
As such there are no creams or medicines to remove the stretch marks. However, you should consult a skin specialist with expertise in cosmetology for information about the latest LASER techniques used for beautifying the skin. The treatment if available is certainly going to be expensive. There is no need for being so touchy about the stretch marks.


First Published: Apr 10, 2006 20:30 IST