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Madhuri Dixit is my favourite actress: Jackie Shroff

Aug 06, 2004 12:58 PM IST

Boom, an Ayesha Shroff production, may have gone kaput but Jackie Shroff certainly has not. He made his debut in Subhash Ghai's Hero and instantly shot to fame, debunking the fact that models can't act. Read the transcript of a chat with the popular Bollywood actor conducted on November 10 where he fielded an array of questions.

Matthew: I want to know a silly question. How does Jackie keep himself so young still? I have been watching you since I was a kid. You look the same. The first movie I saw was Hero when in class 4.
jackie: Turn veggie - vegetarian pipeline clear rakhney ka.

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: When do you plan on entering politics?
jackie: I want to be a social being not a political figure.

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: Who is your favourite co-star?
jackie: Madhuri Dixit.

smitadudani: Many people including the likes of Sushmita Sen have this opinion that you are a very well dressed man. Whom do you give the credit to - your designer, your wife or someone else?
jackie: I owe it to my wife, Anna and mom.

nkaur_191: I loved your role in Devdas. Are you playing similar roles in the future?
jackie: I might but there's nothing concrete at the moment.

kanhaiya: What can Mr Shroff do in "kitchen" to help Mrs Shroff?
jackie: I can earn to keep the kitchen fire burning.

kumeria: Any Hollywood projects in the pipeline?
jackie: None, so far. I have received one script where they want me to play a villain.

sohailxx: I am from Pakistan. If I invite you to come to Pakistan to promote good relations between the two nations, would you accept it?
jackie: Zaroor.

rohit: From being a Hero to now playing a Don. What is next on the cards?
jackie: There's a film called Sandhya which should be releasing anytime now.

angeleyes: You worked in a music video. What was the experience like? How different is it compared to acting?
jackie: It's the same. Dono mein koi farak nahin hai.

niharrath75: How did you find the smooching scenes in Boom?
jackie: The best on our screen ever. But while enacting the scene it was pure work.

paneri: When not acting what does Jackie like doing?
jackie: I love cooking in my spare time.

ritump: I loved your first movie Hero. You were my first crush. I feel nostalgic each time I hear or see you in a movie/interview. Please accept my sincere best wishes and may God bless you!
jackie: All my affection and love to you. Keep in touch at

gopi: Of all the movies you have worked in which has been your favourite one. And why? Any specific one you would love to do again?
jackie: I don't have any favourites. All were nice.

sohailxx: You look very aggressive in most of your movies. What are you like in real life?
jackie: I am quite a lamb.

nirajlodha: When is your new movie releasing?
jackie: Look out for my new film in December.

sheetal: Boom didn't work out too well. Why?
jackie: No idea. Kisi ke paas hit ka formula nahi hai.

nkaur_19: Which is your favourite movie?
jackie: Hare Rama Hare Krishna.

kirti: Are you a vegetarian? What sort of food do you prefer?
jackie: Yes, I am a vegetarian. I love aloo.

nupur: According to you what is the right way to enter Bollywood for today's generation? What kind of preparation is needed?
jackie: All you need is lady luck.

gagan: What is your opinion about remix albums? Do they actually fade out in comparison to the original compositions?
jackie: The original is bound to stand. It's the remixes which will fade away.

smarty_g: Was there any role which you had to deny due to some reason but regretted not doing later?
jackie: No, I have never had to regret on my choice of roles or any potential role I missed out on.

harish: When will the hit combination of Anil Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit and Jackie Shroff reappear on screen again. You guys made a wonderful team together!
jackie: I too hope we will come again together - the sooner the better.

shalu: If you hadn't been an actor what would you have been? Who discovered you in Bollywood?
jackie: I would have been a cook. I owe my existence in Bollywood to Dev Anaad saab.

nitship: I am NRI based in Thailand. I have been an avid fan of yours for quite a long time. I have seen all your movies and really liked your acting in Parinda, Ram Lakhan, Samay and Hero. You have played so many characters. Any particular character or role you still wish for?
jackie: I'd like to play Ravan one day.

namita: Are you playing an active role in your production house?
jackie: Yes. I am nurturing it.

Message from Jackie Shroff
jackie: Help poor live in peace and harmony. In religion one should be humane.

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