Now get married for just Rs 7!

In Jharkhand, the boy's family approaches the girl's family with an umbrella to seal a matrimonial alliance.

india Updated: Feb 17, 2006 11:00 IST

In Jharkhand you can get married for just Rs 7 -- if you are from Magadha Gaud community.

The Magadha Gaud community, mainly cattle-rearers, live in the West Singhbhum district of the state.

Families arrange marriages, and the cost is borne by the entire community.

In keeping with tradition, the boy's family approaches the girl's family with an umbrella to indicate that it has come to seal a matrimonial alliance.

Once this is done, the girl's family also visits the boy's side.

After the two sides are satisfied, the match is finalised.

To announce the alliance formally, the two families meet mid-way between their respective houses along with other community members.

After the formal announcement is made, the families sacrifice a goat and chickens and perform some rituals.

The ceremony is followed by a feast and Hadia (local liquor) provided by the community members.

"The rituals are performed to ward off evil sprits so that no problem is created in the marriage and the couple can live happily together," said Vishwanath Karji, a community leader.

"After the rituals and the feast, the date of the marriage is finalised and Rs 7 is given to the girls' parents, signifying the couple's formal engagement."

Of this, Re 1 goes to the girl's mother and the rest to the girl.

"The Re 1 which is given to the girl's mother is called paud or pawana," said Ramesh Gaud, another community member.

"The marriage can be solemnised only at a place where there is a Sal tree and the land is cultivable," he said.

The marriage takes place at the fixed place with traditional rituals like worship of ancestors and other prayer ceremonies.

After the marriage, the bride returns Rs 6 to the bridegroom.

In return, the groom has to promise to provide her all comforts and to take care of her.

First Published: Feb 17, 2006 10:55 IST