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Pak’s Deadly Mix of Politics and Religion

The extremists who were freedom fighters some time ago have become terrorists suddenly and Pakistan now desperately wants an anti-terrorism mechanism.

india Updated: Nov 18, 2007 03:13 IST
Hindustan Times

With reference to Vir Sanghvi’s Sneering at Musharraf (November 11), Pakistan has no right to talk about democratic rights, as it snatches away these rights from its people frequently. The extremists who were freedom fighters some time ago have become terrorists suddenly and Pakistan now desperately wants an anti-terrorism mechanism. Sanghvi is right in saying that we must learn from Pakistan’s experience that we should not mix religion with politics.
GK Arora, New Delhi

Whether we can be smug about what is happening in Pakistan is not as important as the fact that Pakistani rulers, civilian or military, have perfected the art of reneging on their commitments, be it to their own country or to us. It has the dubious distinction of being ruled by army with the blessings of the West, mainly the US. Pakistanis must realise that this has been to their detriment and get rid of military rulers.
Prasad Malladi, via e-mail

With its fundamentalists and military, Pakistan is disturbing the peace in our region. Its rulers have always spewed venom against India so as to divert attention from their own state and its problems. Both countries waste huge resources on the military build-up depriving people of the basic needs. People on both sides should tell their politicians that no matter how the governments think, we want to live as friendly neighbours on the lines of the European Union.
BM Singh, Amritsar

The situation in Pakistan will continue to be uncertain. The hope that President Musharraf would share power with a democratically-elected PM is fading. The extremists could benefit from this situation of flux. The loser will be the common citizen, for protracted political strife inevitably takes attention away from the economy. A stable and strong Pakistan will pursue peace with India. An unstable Pakistan, with extremists playing a proactive role, will not be conducive to peace talks.
Raju Aneja, Dubai

The chaos in Pakistan before and after Emergency has serious consequences for India. However much they hate General Musharraf, the Islamists are unlikely to take kindly to the army-backed US-Pak liberal democratic front. When faced with repression from the pro-US liberal democratic forces, these elements will shift their operational headquarters to safe sanctuaries in India. India has to be on guard.
RJ Khurana, Bhopal

Asthma attack
Sanchita Sharma’s report Asthma alert (November 11), was comprehensive except it did not mention that it is fatal to administer hormones to women with asthma. I recently lost my wife aged 39 to asthmatic respiratory cardiac arrest tiggered by hormone use.
People usually don't die of asthma unless there is an overriding cause. In my wife's case, the gynaecologist blundered. I request you to share this information with your readers.
Pawan K Sharma, New Delhi

First Published: Nov 17, 2007 21:24 IST