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Sean Connery perfect Bond face: Boffins

Sean Connery's image goes well with Ian fleming's envisioned image of James Bond, say boffins.
ANI | By HT Correspondent
PUBLISHED ON MAR 07, 2007 12:41 PM IST

Daniel Craig may have received rave reviews for his role as James Bond, but it was still a Sean Connery-like figure who author Ian Fleming was thinking of when he described the suave British secret agent James Bond, say boffins.

And, to prove their point, Prof Rob Jenkins, of the University of Glasgow, and Prof Richard Wiseman, of the University of Hertfordshire, employed a technique known as prototyping i.e. a computer reconstruction of 007’s face as Fleming saw him.

Prof Jenkins traced the images of the seven actors that Fleming listed as the ones he thought had the right facial features to be Bond, in 1961.

These actors were - Cary Grant, David Niven, James Mason, Patrick McGoohan, Rex Harrison, Richard Burton and Stewart Granger.

They then used sophisticated software to blend them into a single composite, and came up with a face – more Sean Connery than Daniel Craig.

"We have used face merging technology to create the image of Bond that Ian Fleming had in mind when he wrote his books," the Telegraph quoted Prof Wiseman, as saying.

"The image shows a clean-cut, classic looking face which is far more Connery than Craig. Perhaps this is another way of resolving the question of who is the best Bond," he added.

Prof Jenkins added that the image allowed the researchers to see how Fleming himself had envisioned Bond.

"The image allows us to turn back the hands of time, go inside Fleming's head and see how he envisioned Bond when he was writing his novels," he said.

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