Sex is finally out and proud
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Sex is finally out and proud

Indians have become adventurous and open about their sex lives. Sexual explosion has been in process for almost two decades now. Read on to know all about sex in contemporary India...

india Updated: Oct 10, 2010 01:32 IST

Recently, the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behaviour (NSSHB) conducted the most comprehensive survey of the sex lives of Americans. The report which came out last week, has thrown up fairly intriguing findings, like 41 most popular combinations of sex acts.

It also highlights how more adventurous American’s, generally considered to have a limited view of sexuality, are getting. But, as is always with this kind of behavioural thing, if it’s happening in the US, the question is, is it happening in India too? “We are getting considerably adventurous too, aren’t we? My friends are now more open about their sex lives. We discuss fetishes, what positions we enjoy quite openly!” says a student from a leading private university in New Delhi, on condition of anonymity.

This rising trend in ‘sexual freedom’ could also be attributed to the fact that the moral stigma associated with sex has drastically gone down. From serial kissers in Bollywood to scantily clad dance competitions on the TV, sex is now as mainstream as Saas-Bahu serials. “Earlier, it was all about sex being a dirty word and thing to do. It was all under the covers! Now, people talk about it, they read about it. We associate pleasure with sex now,” says Meraj Shah, a journalist.

Rather than sexual liberation, is urban India undergoing pleasure liberation? “Whether it’s urban India or rural India, this sexual explosion has been in process for close to two decades now. In fact, I’d say in rural India because there’s no duplicity towards sex, they are far vociferous in discussing sex. There are cases where women have gone to the panchayat and said that their husbands are not fulfilling them sexually,” says Dr. Sudhakar Krishnamurti, the director of Andromeda Andrology Center in Hyderabad.

“Sex is now not an activity to just procreate. For us, it’s now something to enjoy. Which is why people have started to experiment. People these days will try anything once” says Aparajita Mukherjee, a lifestyle journalist. Sex, it seems, is finally out and proud!

Guardian News Service with inputs by Aaron George

First Published: Oct 09, 2010 16:12 IST