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Slurp up a homemade icecream scoop

Delhi’s mausam mood swings are nothing new, and to combat the fluctuating blues, we’ve got a delectable solution. Make boring mornings, balmy evenings and after-dinner conversations fun, by whipping up a...

india Updated: Jun 28, 2013 12:21 IST
Snigdha Ahuja
Snigdha Ahuja
Hindustan Times

Delhi’s mausam mood swings are nothing new, and to combat the fluctuating blues, we’ve got a delectable solution. Make boring mornings, balmy evenings and after-dinner conversations fun, by whipping up a sweet bowl of homemade ice-cream. From ice-bitten bars to creamy concoctions — there’s a lot you can do, that too in easy breezy ways. “Milk, fruits and sugar — these are the basic ingredients with which you can work when making ice-cream at home,” says Nishant Gupta of Thanco’s Natural Ice Cream.

Oh but you’re calorie conscious?
No problem, go the yoghurt way! “If you use mango or other seasonal fruits, skip sugar and do yoghurt, instead of using milk or heavy cream,” suggests chef Rohit Tokhi of Kempinski Ambience Hotel. Things to remember? “Use over-ripe fruits and remember, sweetness decreases when the mix is frozen, so make it slightly sweeter than normal,” says Kunal Pabrai of Fresh & Naturelle.

For a fluff-perfect serve

Strawberry ice creamWhile you might miss the fashionably-topped and scooped ice-cream of a parlour or fancy restaurant, remember, that it’s not difficult to make your ice-cream like a pro. The basic advantage of a professional ice-cream maker and gourmet stabilisers is the freshness, fluffiness and creamy texture of the final product. To compete with the softness, you can add dry/ powdered milk to your mix. Churning the ingredients together with basic consistency also makes a difference. Sugar crystals also end up making the ice-cream tightly knit, so you can go for other natural sweeteners that help in the softening process or do a yoghurt-heavy sweetener. When making fruit ice-cream, treat the fruits with your choice of syrup or alcohol so they get muddled with the pre-frozen mix properly. Here’s to some super soft and delicious homemade serves!

Topped with a lot of fun
Scooping up a happy dose of your favourite ice-cream is always a treat, but topping it with a fun dollop makes it even more special. For the sauces, opt for: Red Wine Syrup: Made by boiling sweet wine, sugar, reducing till it’s syrupy and refrigerating for a few days. Crushed candy: While biscuit bits and even whole oreos and macaroons look cute atop a bowl of your favourite flavour, candy bits can also taste heavenly. Go for paan, milk and peppermint candy.Chocolate chilli sauce: Bring dark chocolate, pepper powder, cream and butter to a boil for a chilli tang.Also try olive oil sauce, saffron and sea salt as quirky tops.

For whipping up some fresh strawberry ice-cream at home, you need basic ingredients that can be easily found in your kitchen.
Milk, pinch of salt, sugar-free sweetener to taste, fresh diced and ripe strawberries, strawberry, vanilla extract
Pour out two cups of toned milk in a big bowl and add a pinch of salt to it. Now, add your choice of sugar-free sweetener to taste and muddled strawberries, for a healthy, fruity twist. Mix the contents of the bowl together and whisk the light mixture well to add enough body and flavour.
Now, add vanilla and strawberry extract in the mixture — again, blend and mix well so that the flavours come together nicely.
When freezing your bowl, remember to set the temperature to about -20 degree to have tight, frozen ice-cream that will be easy to dig in to. To finish off your your fresh serve, pour the mixture in small cups or an ice tumbler.
Our personal hot tip:
Top your ice-cream with mixture of crushed oreos, nuts or just fresh strawberries. Now, lap up the delicious flavour!
by chef Sudesh Singh, Gelato Vinto

A recipe that will remind you of your childhood days.
150gms whole milk powder, 250ml full cream milk, 200 gms fresh mango pulp, sugar to taste
Mix the mango pulp, milk powder, full cream milk and blend in a mixer till it’s smooth. Now, add sugar according to your taste and requirement. Now, pour the mix into a bowl and freeze for 30 minutes. After it’s frozen, unfurl and beat with a good quality whipper. Freeze again and after the mixture is nearly frozen, take out and whip once again. Now, put into freezer for final setting. Serve with freshly diced Kunal Pabrai, Fresh & Naturelle Ice-creams

Here is a healthy way to scoop up some homemade ice-cream.
1 L milk, 1/2kg bottle gourd, sugar, dry fruits to top
Finely grate the bottle gourd and boil the shreds and pieces till they are soft. On the other side, boil milk and add sugar according to your taste. Now, drain the water off the grated bottle gourd and add it to the milk mix. Now, boil again. Cool the final mix, and pour into the blender. Mix well. Add your choice of dry fruits and pour into small ice-cream moulds. Freeze and serve.
You can top with mint or more crushed dry fruits.

Ever thought of putting ginger in ice-cream? Well, try this!
480ml milk, 480 ml cream, 120 gm sugar, 12 eggyolks, vanilla essence, 1 vanilla pod, 120gm mango pulp, 10gm ginger powder
Combine milk and heavy cream and add vanilla bean to the milk and cream. Now, bring the milkto boil, then remove from heat.
Cover and steep for 20 mins. In a medium bowl, whisk all the egg yolks and sugar together. Now, slowly add hot milk and cream mixture to yolk and sugar. Add mango pulp and ginger powder to the egg and cream mixture and cook over a double boiler — whisk and stir well. When the custard seems thick enough, remove from the double boiler. Now, stir from time to time until it cools
down. Cover the custard and refrigerate for at least 2 hours.Churn in the ice-cream machine. If you don’t have an ice cream machine at home, take out and whisk the mixture thoroughly, every 20 minutes. Now, pour in a semi-spherical bombe mould and freeze your ice-cream. To finish it off, demould and top by glazing with mango puree.
by chef Ranveer Brar, TV Host of show Snack Attack

First Published: Jun 27, 2013 17:35 IST