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Sunny side up

A study has trashed the link between eggs and heart disease. Now grab that omelette.

india Updated: Dec 18, 2008 22:02 IST
Hindustan Times

For years we have been told by ‘eggsperts’ that eating eggs is sure to clog your arteries. Now a study from the totally unbiased Egg Nutrition Centre tells us that decades of research blast a hole in the myth that cholesterol from eggs increases the risk of heart disease. And to think that all these years, we have been shearing away from eggs as a vampire to garlic, indulging ourselves, at best, in the tasteless whites. Now we can do eggsactly what we have always wanted to and dip into the old sunny side up on Sundays.

But should we have been fooled by all those anti-egg shibboleths all these years? Amro Parsees are walking testimony to the benefits of eggs. They have been wolfing down eggs in all forms for years and many in their nineties are considered no more than mere stripling youths. The legendary Russi Mody was known to be partial to 24-egg omelettes that he scaled down to 16 with age. And he is up there with the best of them in the corporate world. So let’s not tread on eggshells on this subject anymore.

Maybe now the term rotten egg won’t inspire so much revulsion in us, given the egg’s newfound health status. So what’s next on the menu, you might wonder. Well, the day is not long when it will be found that red meat, which we all shun, will actually help us live longer and, when washed down with a suitable libation, make living longer happier. The morale of the story — to eat his own.