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US researchers to create stronger, lighter nanodevices

A group of researchers, including Indian Americans, are working on a project to create devices like nanobatteries and nanopumps that consume less power.
PTI | By Press Trust of India, Washington
UPDATED ON NOV 25, 2004 03:51 PM IST

A group of researchers, including Indian American scientists in the US, are working on a pathbreaking project to create stronger and lighter nanodevices like nanobatteries and nanopumps that consume less power.

The project, undertaken by the Centre of Integrated Nanochemical Systems (COINS) at the University of California, Berkeley, will explore the basic science of nanostructures, predict and measure their unique properties and use this knowledge to create nanoscale building blocks and then assemble them into working devices.

The centre has roped in theoretical and experimental researchers, including mechanical engineer Professor Arun Mazumdar and material science Professor Ramamorthy Ramesh, from different fields to give shape to this daunting task which begins this fall, the centre said in a release.

"We can't help getting excited about the richness and diversity of the science involved and the opportunities in coupling this to the potential application and making little devices," Director Alex Zettl, who is at the forefront of research on nanotubes, said.

Nanotechnology involves altering and manipulating the properties of any product by snapping atoms, fundamental building blocks, and create desired substances which are lighter and more stronger.

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