Want a peaceful life? Drive a white car!

People who own white vehicles lead a more comfortable life, says a New Delhi-based Vastu consultant.

india Updated: Sep 04, 2006 14:37 IST

If you want to live a good life, make sure your dream car is white in colour, says a city-based Vastu consultant who has conducted extensive research on the subject.

SK Mehta claims that people who own white vehicles lead more comfortable and peaceful lives.

Mehta, whose findings are based on a four-year research at Vastu Paramarsh and Anusandhan Kendra here, told IANS: "White vehicles are low on maintenance and are, therefore, less accident-prone."

Vastu is the ancient Indian science of architecture and design that also deals with colours and the position of objects.

"White is the colour of peace and each colour has an impact on our lives. Most of my clients who drive white vehicles lead more peaceful and healthier lives. Their financial status is also good."

In astrology the colour white is associated with 'Shukra' (Venus) - the planet of wealth - and 'Chandrama' (moon), the planet of journey.

Giving an example, Mehta explains: "The Rajasthan Roadways buses are incurring losses and are more accident-prone because they are red and green in colour. But the deluxe category buses, painted white, are doing good business."

"Driving white vehicles is safe in every respect," he says, adding that most politicians travel in white cars.

"Leaders who got killed in accidents were not travelling in white cars," he claimed, but did not elaborate.

First Published: Sep 04, 2006 13:12 IST