Watch what you wear!

How often do you check what you wear? If you are uncomfortable wearing a particular dress, learn to carry it off, advices Nitasha Sharma.

india Updated: Feb 19, 2007 18:44 IST

How often do you check what you wear? How many times are you not comfortable in what you wear?

Well! Girls let's come out of the veil. Why to live life so consciously. Thinking, what I am trying to convey?

Recently, I went for a Valentine's Day party with a group of friends. One of them wore a tiny little skirt with a spaghetti top. While we all were dancing she seemed a bit uneasy. Most of the time she was engrossed in pulling her skirt down.

But she was unknown of the fact that it was giving a bad ken. When weasked her to stop that pulling business she yelled that she's not comfortable.

We all tried to explain her that she is looking fine and advised her to stop being conscious of her dress. After all no body forced her to wear such kind of dress. But she didn't bother to understand even a singlebit.

I was just wondering why did she choose an outfit with which she was not at all comfortable.

A similar situation occurred when one of my friends, Vishal went to aparty with his girl friend Dhwani. Dhwani was scuffing a corset. Between the party when everyone was busy enjoying, she was busy pulling it up. She was scared what if it drops down. And she ended up annoying Vishal as her pulling business was quite embarrassing.

But that's not the case with everyone. I know a number of girls who can effectively carry almost anything, irrespective of their hefty build. Neha Khandelwal, a fashion designer, who is a little on a heavier side, is a confident person. She wears everything from halter neck to suits and carry herself fantastically.

Neha feels, "It's not important what you wear, but how you carry yourself is crucial. There is no such rule that plump ladies can't wear sexy outfits. It's all in the head."

"You can afford to look amazing in whatever you wear -- from Salwaar Kameez to western attire if you are a confident dresser. People gauge your discomfort if you drag their attention by unusualacts," she adds.

So, the verdict is clear: Be free to flaunt your sexy attire as long as it is not improper and out of place. Nothing looks bad on you when you know how to carry it.

First Published: Feb 17, 2007 20:23 IST