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Yana?s mantras for a fit life

The sexy siren is a fitness freak and a pure vegetarian, reports Johnny D.
None | By Johnny D (, Mumbai
PUBLISHED ON MAR 25, 2006 06:34 PM IST

Think of Yana Gupta and what comes to mind is her raunchy item numbers, peaches and cream complexion and a curvaceous figure, not necessarily in that order.

This Czech model turned item girl is a fitness freak and a pure vegetarian to boot. Here’s what keeps her going through the many grueling shoots, stage shows and more.

My day begins with: 
I drink one litre of water as soon as I get up to clear all the toxins from the body. I usually eat an apple and a pear in the morning to keep my stomach full.

My daily diet:
I eat almost five to six times a day in small quantities, depending on my hunger. I drink lots of water and fresh juices including coconut water, to keep my skin healthy. I am a pure vegetarian. I eat brown rice with lots of green salads during the day and night. Since I love cooking, I maintain a very low oil cuisine. My favourite is coconut chutney / musle / idlis and fruits. Earlier I used to fast, but now I have stopped doing so. Once in a week, I just live on fruits and fresh fruit juices. It helps to clean the metabolic system.

Yana Gupta is a fitness freak and a pure vegetarian to boot.

I binge:

Of course I do! Once in two weeks. I am just crazy about pizzas! One should binge once in a while to keep one’s heart content. However, after the binging, one must maintain the diet strictly.

My workout schedule:
I am a health freak and I exercise six days a week for an hour. My daily routine consists of 20 minutes – jogging, 20 minutes – cardio, and 20 minutes – weight training. I also meditate and practice yoga, whenever I get time and feel stressed out. Yoga keeps a beautiful balance of mind and body.

My tips on healthy living:
Being healthy is the in-thing today. One must workout 6 times a week. Also one should drink plenty of water to release all the body toxins from the system. Eat five to six times instead of three full meals. Eat only when you feel hungry and not otherwise. Treat your body sensitively and try to understand it. If you are healthy, you will feel good. Pick up the good things in life and stay happy all the time!

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