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Your ring tone may be telling on you

According to a IMImobile study, ring tones speak about a person's persona, taste and mood and even sense of humour, reports Sunita Aron.
Hindustan Times | By Sunita Aron, Mumbai
UPDATED ON JUL 18, 2007 01:51 AM IST

Have you ever been surprised at how personalised ring tones seem to match the people who picked them?

According to a study conducted by IMImobile, a leading mobile value-added services provider, that is not just a coincidence.

"Like any other fashion accessory, ring tones also make a statement about your persona, taste and mood, even your sense of humour or lack of it," said IMImobile CEO AR Vishwanath.

Psychologists agree. "Quite often, youngsters choose weird ring tones to seek attention. The whackier the tone, the happier they are," said Mumbai-based Dr Malik Merchant.

People aged 20 to 25 years are responsible for most ring tone downloads, the studies found.

Dr Merchant added that people in their mid-30s or 40s pick tones that gel with their mood, while superstitious people, especially those in the stock market, often choose devotional, religious tones.

"A sentimental tone usually means an introvert; extroverts choose jazzier songs," added psychiatrist Dr Ajai P Singh.

The choice of ring tone also varies from region to region.

"About 90 per cent of cell users have popular film numbers for ring tones. But in the South, tones from regional movies are more popular," said Vishwanathan.

In eastern states of West Bengal, Orissa and Assam, meanwhile, classical music is more popular.

"Overall, it is now a Rs 200 crore business," said Vishwanathan.

The IMImobile study covered downloads over the last year across all operators and regions in India.

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