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Yuvraj is no metrosexual

Yuvraj Singh holds forth on adulation, metrosexuality and Kim Sharma.
None | By Ameta Bal, Mumbai
UPDATED ON JUL 29, 2006 04:35 PM IST

One way to stump cricketer Yuvraj Singh is to ask him if he is metrosexual. He fumbles, struggles for a few moments, then decides to say no.

Not an entirely unexpected reaction from an able-bodied Punjabi boy who spends a lot of time hanging out on a sunny field with 10 other sweaty men.

However there is no hint of awkwardness as Singh poses for lensman Rafique Syed or walks around the studio in a faded blue tee, jeans and a pair of flip-flops (all his own).

Not the most eloquent person when it comes to matters not concerning his sport, Singh however does admit to having a simple fashion motto: 'If you feel good, you're bound to look good'.

And where does cricket's poster boy shop for clothes? "Mostly in London, when I'm on tour," he says laconically. And adds, "I always check out Diesel." His favourite fashion accessory? "A kada."

He's equally terse when asked about his pin-up status and all the female adulation coming his way. "It's obviously nice to hear that but I'd rather concentrate on my cricket than dwell on those things," he insists.

He is even less forthcoming with questions about his on again-off again liaison with Kim Sharma. "You're not going to get any comment out of me," he says firmly. We try another approach: Is his mom looking for girls for him? "She's been looking since I was 16," he laughs.

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