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Bringing the beach home: Easy tips for creating a tropical paradise in your living space

Jun 01, 2023 02:46 PM IST

Discover easy tips and creative ideas to infuse your space with a relaxed, coastal ambience that transports you to your favourite beach getaway.

As the temperature rises, our longing for the beachy vibes intensifies. While not everyone can escape to the seaside, there are delightful and effortless ways to bring the beach to your home. Transforming your living space into a tropical paradise or a tranquil beach-inspired retreat is simpler than you may imagine. By incorporating a few easy design and decor adjustments, you can create an atmosphere that exudes a relaxed and breezy ambience, reminiscent of a blissful tropical getaway. Life's always a beach when your home feels like a day out at the seaside. Get ready to embrace relaxation and enjoy the soothing vibes of a tropical paradise in the comfort of your own home. (Also read: Home decor, interior design: Tips and tricks to cool-off your space this summer )

Ways to create a tropical or beachy vibe in your home

With a few simple design and decor tweaks, you can infuse your space with a laid-back, breezy vibe that evokes the feeling of being on a tropical getaway.(Freepik)

Neha Jhunjhunwala, founder of Onset Homes, shared with HT Lifestyle, some creative ideas and practical tips to help you create a tropical or beachy ambience in your home.

1. Let’s bring out all textures that are rustic and natural

If we imagine the coarseness of sand, the flow of the seaside, and the rustic textures of driftwood and shells. We can replicate those in our homes using wood, rattan, jute, macrame, textured stone and other natural materials. Let's play around with macramé or crochet pillows and woven baskets in lounging nooks. A bamboo ladder will add a wonderful design element to the space as well as add the perfect beach vibe also.

Bringing the outside in with natural materials like wood, rattan, and wicker will help your home feel instantly more relaxing. Jute or seagrass could be for rugs, and linen and cotton would add the perfect vibe for curtains and bedding. It would be best to stay away from shiny, metallic, or synthetic materials.

2. Work on a clean white slate at home

Imagine a home which has a colour palette inspired by the waves, shells, sand, foliage, and vibrant evening skies- and the colours which come to our mind are white, beige and shades of blue with a touch of green. And then we can add a pop of colours with corals, pinks, yellows and some earthy oranges.

3. Add in some plants

Let’s add some palm plants, bougainvillaea, some bird of paradise, fiddle plant and some other plants which sing out beachy notes. Add let's add some rustic cement or brick urns as planters. A little greenery goes a long way in creating a coastal space, and it also makes the house look happy and lively. We can elevate our indoor jungle by hanging up plants from the ceiling. Also, it is always more attractive to arrange plants into groups of three or more and opt for plants in similar colours to get the coastal look.

4. Let there be light

It is always the sand and the sin- so let’s ensure we have enough light in our homes. We can use light, flowy fabrics like linen and cotton as window dressings, and opt for airy sheer curtains in other rooms so we get more natural fresh light into our homes. For areas that are not naturally lit, let's opt for rope lamps- it serves the purpose of giving light as well as adding a coastal look

5. Create a fun mix of sailor-inspired stripes

Nothing screams nautical like classic stripes. Bring the spirit of summer into your home by adding furnishings, rugs, and other decorative items with lines. Mixing and matching lines with solids is a modern way to try this trend in your living space. It helps in maintaining the perfect balance of solids with stripes.

6. Choosing accessories

Accessories can completely transform a plain space into something fancier and they also easily help capture the coastal look on a budget. Shells add the instant beach vibe and it’s so easily available. Small pieces of driftwood, sea glass placed in bottles, and seagrass or wicker baskets filled with seashells are all finishing touches that accentuate your home, giving it the beachy or coastal chic look. We can fill some pots with pampas grass, add some beach-type pictures or a seashell framed mirror. However, it is important to remember that we should not overdo, and put in too many accessories. Simple is always better.

So for all of you craving to live at the beach, let’s use these simple steps to bring the beach vibe into your home. Enjoy the sun and the sand while enjoying the simple pleasures of your home.

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