Indians have known the art of fermentation since ages.
Indians have known the art of fermentation since ages.

Feeding the good bacteria! Uncovering fermentation

Long forgotten food preservation technique of fermentation is back in vogue as people are seeking alternative thirst-quenchers with added benefits like natural ingredients and low sugar content leading to improved gut health.
Hindustan Times | By Swati Chaturvedi, New Delhi
UPDATED ON JUL 01, 2020 08:02 AM IST

Lockdown or no lockdown, kombucha, kefir and natural sodas are here to stay. Stay-at-home youngsters are fast catching on this trend which is healthy and is also fashionable. But don’t forget that our nanis and dadis too, have practised fermentation for a long time now. Whether it’s the carrot kanji, our favourite pickles or the much loved lassi, Indians have known the art of fermentation since ages.

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, says, “Indians have started to make better and informed choices about what they drink and eat. With the lockdown, many have tried their hands on a whole range of naturally low-sugar, fermented drinks like kombucha, water kefir and similar probiotic sodas.Fermentation is life.” He laughs and adds, “ We as human beings ferment too, as it’s all about living.”

Fermenting has also been part of Asian and African repertoire for centuries and has been a valuable method of preservation that allows naturally occurring microbes to work on food. Seema Puri, a nutritionist says, “Cheese, chocolate, vinegar and yogurt are all fermented foods, but as soon as fridges and freezers came in fashion, making them at home took a back seat. Now they are coming back, as we learn that our guts, responsible for much of our general health, benefit from a diet rich in the right microbes.”

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