Narada Jayanti 2023: The story of Narada Muni; rituals, fasting rules, samagri - Hindustan Times

Narada Jayanti 2023: The story of Narada Muni; know rituals, fasting rules, puja samagri

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May 05, 2023 08:19 PM IST

Narada Jayanti is celebrated as the birth anniversary of the sage every year in the month of Vaisakh. Here's all you want to know about the festival.

A sage, a musician, a storyteller, a traveller to different realms or lokas, Narad Muni has a special place in Indian mythology. A devotee of Lord Vishnu, he plays musical instrument veena named Mahathi and is often seen chanting Narayan-Narayan. Narada Jayanti, the birth anniversary of the sage, is celebrated every year in the month of Vaisakh during Krishna Paksha on the first day of Pratipada tithi. Known both for his wise and mischievous streak, Narada Muni is the scholar of Vedas, Upanishads and Puranas. All celestial beings worship him for his knowledge.

Narada Jayanti 2023: The story of Narada Muni; know rituals, fasting rules, puja samagri
Narada Jayanti 2023: The story of Narada Muni; know rituals, fasting rules, puja samagri

Narada Jayanti date

Narada Jayanti is being celebrated on May 6, Saturday this year. On this day, devotees take a bath before sunrise and observe a day-long fast for Narada Muni and also offer prayers to Lord Vishnu. Chandan, tulsi leaves, incense sticks, flowers and sweets are offered to them.

Narada Jayanti significance and celebration

The day is mostly observed in northern India but some parts of Southern India celebrate it too. Many Narada Muni temples in Karnataka host Narada Jayanti celebrations on this day. For the Narada Jayanti fast, lentils and cereals are avoided while milk, milk products and fruits are eaten by the devotees. People also perform charity, feed poor and distribute clothes among them on Narada Jayanti.

The story of how Narada Muni got Lord Vishnu's blessings

As per Bhagwad Gita, Narada Muni was a gandharv in his previous birth and was cursed to be born on earth. He was born as the son of a servant who used to work for a group of saintly priests. Narada served the priests with dedication and pleased with him, they offered him prasada of Lord Vishnu and blessed him. Narada found himself immersed in the stories of Lord Vishnu narrated by these priests and after his mother passed away, started roaming in the forest in search of enlightenment. Sitting under a tree in meditation, Narada had a vision of Lord Vishnu who appeared before him, smiled, and said that although he has the blessings of the lord, he would not be able to see his divine form again until he died. It is said that Narada spent his remaining life in the devotion of Lord Vishnu and after his death, the lord blessed him with the spiritual form of 'Narada'.

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