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World Introvert Day 2024: Date, history, significance; how to celebrate

By, New Delhi
Jan 01, 2024 05:23 PM IST

January 2 marks World Introvert Day, a special day that allows introverts to recharge following a week of get-togethers and holiday cheer post New Year's Day.

You may not immediately notice them in the room, but they could be the ones who captivate you with their magnificent storytelling skills. Introverts, with their rich inner world, are known to be thinkers, reflective, self-aware, good communicators, but re-charge their batteries in their own company. This is the reason January 2 is dedicated to introverts every year as after the long holiday season, they finally get to be with themselves on this day and do things their way. People are called introverts and extroverts not only because of how shy and quiet they are, rather how they process the world around them. (Also read: World Introvert Day 2024: Best wishes, images, quotes, Facebook & WhatsApp status to share with introvert friends)

Who created World Introvert Day?

January 2 is dedicated to introverts every year as after the long holiday season, they finally get to be with themselves on this day (Freepik)

World Introvert Day was created by German psychologist Felicitas Heyne who frequently wrote on introversion. He felt introverts deserved a quiet day after the marathon of holiday and celebrations that started with Thanksgiving/Christmas and ended on the New Year's Day. The day could help them recharge and prepare themselves for the days ahead.

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The terms introvert and extrovert were devised in the 1920s by psychologist Carl Jung on the basis of how people get or spend their energy. As per Jung, introverts recharge by spending time with themselves, while extroverts sought other people's company for replenishing their energy.

Who should celebrate World Introvert Day?

If you are someone who's highly focused when alone, take time to make decisions, are self-aware, have fewer but close friendships, love passionately, dislike group work and like to spend time in your own company, you are possibly an introvert and January 2 is the day dedicated to you.

Types of introverts: which one are you?

Introverts prefer the calm environment and fewer people around them for various reasons. Some people are social introverts who prefer small groups, thinking introverts need space for creative thoughts and imagination, anxious introverts are socially recluse because they are shy while restrained introverts are the set of people who give a lot of thought before doing anything.

What makes a person introvert as per science?

As per studies, introverts have a higher blood flow to their frontal lobe than extroverts do which is a part of brain that helps in memory, problem-solving, and planning.

How to celebrate World Introvert Day

The best way to celebrate World Introvert Day for an introvert person is to spend time in self-care activities, pursuing their hobbies, watching their favourite movies or series, gardening, or with their loved ones. As your best friend to take a day off with you and spend an entire day with them. You can also go for a quiet and long walk with your partner or dog to enjoy natural surroundings. If you are a thinking introvert, dedicate this day for penning a thought, story or a poem. Meditating, reading, watching cinema or just lazing around with nobody around are some of the relaxing activities for an introvert.

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