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8 strategies to get more consistent in the gym

Oct 08, 2022 08:28 PM IST

Do you struggle in hitting the gym regularly? Check out eight most effective strategies to get more consistent in the gym.

Many people struggle to hit the gym regularly. As we are creatures of habit, it gets easier and easier to slip out of your schedule once you've missed a few workouts. Or perhaps you have never followed an exercise regimen and are eager to do so right away. Anyone who has attempted to slim down, tone up, or even just recommits to exercising understands that the struggle is frequently more mental than it is physical. And while you are aware that exercise ought to be a primary priority, life frequently gets in the way. However, it is crucial to stick to an exercise regimen because it will not only help you stay active and fit but also help you live a long, healthy life. (Also read: Exercise bike vs treadmill: Which one is better to choose for cardio exercise? )

8 Strategies to get more consistent in the gym(pexels)
8 Strategies to get more consistent in the gym(pexels)

Karin Nordin, Behaviour Change Coach and Mindset Researcher, suggested eight strategies to get more consistent in the gym in her recent Instagram post.

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1. Think of it as a puzzle

Instead of trying to "fix" yourself, view your gym consistency as a puzzle, a challenge, a riddle. What clues do you have? What will you test out? What might be fun to try?

2. Play with frequency

Some people love going to the gym 6 days per week. The consistency of the habit makes it easier for them to stick with or adopt. Other people love going to the gym as little as 2 or 3 days per week, They're willing to commit and go hard because they know that time is necessary. Play with your gym frequency and find out what works for you.

3. Take responsibility for your own motivation

Motivation is a feeling created by your thoughts. You are responsible for thinking thoughts that are motivating. Stop blaming the fact that you are "Not motivated" and start choosing to be motivated.

4. Choose to enjoy yourself

If you spend the entire workout thinking about how much you hate running then it shouldn't be surprising that your intrinsic motivation to show up to the gym is dropping fast. Instead, work on finding even 1% more enjoyment or joy in your workout. Focus on the feeling of accomplishment, the energy you get, or the idea that you are getting stronger.

5. Set goals

Set goals for yourself. From increasing weight to learning a new lift, having goals will help you feel empowered and excited to show up. Also, setting little goals, and determining what you're looking for from one specific workout can give your brain something to focus on besides your to-do list at home.

6. Make a micro-choice

What needs to happen for you to get ready for the gym? Maybe you need to eat a snack, put on your gym clothes, take pre-workout, grab your gym bag, grab your keys, and go. If you're struggling to say yes to "going to the gym", ask your brain the yes or no question of if you'll do that first step eating a snack that "micro choice" will build momentum.

7. Focus on habit upkeep

On days you are tired, sore, or busy, showing up to your workout and doing the absolute bare minimum like a 3-minute warm-up or 5-minute walk is better than not going at all from a behaviour perspective because it keeps the habit going. Focus on habit upkeep for a while and see what happens.

8. Acknowledge the discomfort

There are a lot of reasons that the gym might represent discomfort. You may have thoughts about if you belong, it might be a new environment, you might be in a very different shape ("weaker") than you used to be, you might be comparing yourself to the people around you, etc. If you have big gym resistance, get really clear about the very real and legitimate reasons your brain is avoiding the gym that's the first step to working through them.

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