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Holi 2024: How to get rid of colour from your skin, nails and hair; tips to protect eyes

ByZarafshan Shiraz, New Delhi
Mar 25, 2024 10:03 AM IST

Following your participation in exuberance of Holi, it's crucial to promptly rinse off colours from skin, nails and hair. Here are tips for effortless removal

As spring arrives, India blossoms with the vibrant celebration of Holi, a festival symbolising love, vitality and the triumph of good over evil. Embracing natural Holi colours crafted from ingredients like turmeric, beetroot and flowers ensures a safe and eco-conscious revelry, gentle on both skin and eyes.

Holi 2024: How to get rid of colour from your skin, nails and hair, tips to protect eyes (Photo by ketan rajput on Unsplash)

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Vijaya Gowri Bandaru, Visiting Consultant - Dermatology at Sakra World Hospital, advised, “To combat potential dryness caused by these colors, applying coconut oil or moisturiser beforehand forms a protective barrier, shielding the skin, face and hair from direct contact while maintaining essential moisture. Additionally, applying sunscreen on top of it serves as a double protector, further safeguarding against sun damage during the festivities while maintaining essential moisture. Additionally, coconut oil aids in effortless color removal post-celebration, minimising the need for excessive water usage.”

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Recommending the use of gentle soaps or moisturising cleansers to wash off the colours, he cautioned, “Avoid using dark colors like dark red, blue, or green, as they can be harder to remove and may dry out your skin. To safeguard your eyes from color powder, water, or other airborne objects during festivities, consider wearing sunglasses or protective eyewear. Prioritizing hydration by drinking plenty of water before and during the celebrations is crucial, especially if engaging in outdoor play under the sun for an extended duration. For individuals with skin sensitivities such as allergies or acne, opting for herbal colors may be a preferable choice.”

The expert added, “Following your participation in the exuberance of Holi, it's crucial to promptly rinse off the colours from your skin and hair for effortless removal. This not only guarantees your comfort but also safeguards the well-being of your skin and hair, averting any possible irritation or harm.”

Dr Shareefa Chause, Dermatologist and cosmetologist, Shareefa's Skin Care Clinic

These are some tips which help to remove holi colors

1- immediately wash colors with lukewarm water after playing holi

2- do not use hot water for bath as it leads to skin irritation and dryness

3- use a thick moisturizer containing shea butter , vit e etc for soothing and healing of our skin

4- immediately apply moisturizer post shower over wet skin as it helps to lock water inside of skin

5- always apply oil to skin and hair, before playing with colors, for easy removal of colors afterwards

6- for face use a gentle , ph balanced cleanser

7-do not scrub ur skin, as it leads to skin irritation

8- for hair, use a clarifying shampoo, followed by any hydrating conditioner.

9- for nails 1st soaked them in lukewarm water for some period, followed by gentle scrub with nail brush and apply coconut oil to nail cuticle

10- if you have any kind of irritation, consider applying aloe vera gel, that will help to soothe skin..

If irritation is more , then consult ur dermatologist

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