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How movement can help us release pent-up emotions

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Jun 28, 2023 10:19 AM IST

From connecting with the body to releasing stored tension, here are a few ways by which movement helps in releasing pent-up emotions.

We often feel a wave of emotions at random times of the day. Be at work or in the middle of something, we feel lots of emotions together coming and crashing at us. In such cases, it is healthy to release pent-up emotions. Movement is a healthy technique to do the same. "Physical movement has long been linked to emotional release, and the benefits of this connection are significant for mental health. Emotional release is the process of letting go of pent-up emotions that build over time, leading to stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions. Movement can help to facilitate this release by providing an outlet for these emotions," wrote Therapist Anna Papaioannou as she explained how movements can help us in releasing pent-up emotions.

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Connection: When we connect with ourselves on a deeper level, we help in developing our mental and emotional well-being. Movement helps us in facilitating the process of connecting with ourselves and knowing ourselves better.

Releasing stored tension: The body stores a lot of emotions that can pent-up and become tension and stress later. When we move and stretch, it helps in releasing the stored tension in the body and relaxing the muscles.

Catharsis: A lot of emotions such as anger, frustration and sadness know no way of coming out. Hence, they get bottled up inside us and we are not able to find a proper gateway for them to be released. Movement helps in releasing such difficult emotions and relaxing the body.

Emotional regulation: Emotional regulation is the process of controlling our emotions for better emotional well-being. Physical activities help in the release of mood-enhancing hormones such as serotonin and endorphins. This further helps in triggering the relaxation response of the body.

Expressions: Some of us are brought up in a way where we thought that we are not allowed to express ourselves. When we use movement and words to express the way we feel, we practice being seen and heard.

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