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Paint your plate with colour: A meal packed with phytonutrients

ByTapatrisha Das, Delhi
Jun 01, 2022 09:16 AM IST

From the health benefits of phytonutrients to the quantity of consumption that should be followed, here is all that you need to know.

Phytonutrients are natural compounds found in fruits, vegetables and whole grain products which helps in working with other essential nutrients in promoting good health. Phytonutrients come with multiple health benefits for the body. It helps in preventing the damage of cells throughout the body. Loaded with antioxidant properties, phytonutrients also help in reducing the risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. It is recommended to consume food items loaded with phytonutrients to provide the body of the necessary benefits. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr. Siddhant Bhargava, Fitness and Nutritional Scientist, Co-Founder, Food Darzee said, “Though phytonutrients are also available in supplement form, they are best consumed through natural foods, specifically fruits, and vegetables. Therefore, one must add colour to their meals to live a longer, healthier life. Try to include as many plant-based colour in your meals and snacks as possible. Eat all red-coloured fruits and vegetables like strawberries, tomatoes, apples, watermelon, etc.”

Paint your plate with colour: A meal packed with phytonutrients(Pixabay)
Paint your plate with colour: A meal packed with phytonutrients(Pixabay)

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He further added that these food items help in protecting against prostate cancer, heart diseases and lung diseases as well. Green-coloured foods such as spinach, avocados, asparagus, broccoli, etc. are packed with cancer-blocking chemicals which help in preventing the action of cancer-causing compounds. Oranges, bananas, mango, pumpkin, carrot, etc., foods that are orange and yellow-coloured provide beta cryptothanxin, which supports intracellular communication and may help prevent heart disease.

Blue and purple food items such as blueberries, raisins, eggplant are loaded with powerful antioxidants which helps in preventing cell ageing and blood clots. onions, cauliflower, garlic – brown and white coloured food items – come loaded with anti-tumour properties.

Speaking of the quantity of the consumption of such food items, Siddhant Bhargava noted down a few tips:

Servings: Two servings in the morning, afternoon and night in the form of half cup of chopped raw vegetables or fruits.

Hunger in between: In case of feeling huger in between meals, the doctor recommended that we can grab a fruit or a plate of raw sliced vegetables.

Local: Focus on locally prepared fruits and vegetables as they are natural and packed with phytonutrients.

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