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Rujuta Diwekar busts cholesterol myths, says bad cholesterol not all that bad

By | Edited by Parmita Uniyal
Aug 26, 2021 07:46 PM IST

Rujuta Diwekar opened up in detail about the different kinds of cholesterol and what people should actually be worried about in their lipid profile.

Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar who has been urging her followers to trust the wisdom of their grandmothers and not fall for fad diets, today took to Instagram to bust cholesterol myths. In a video on Instagram, Diwekar in her trademark style explained on a white board how people have several myths about cholesterol and have stopped eating good fats like ghee, malai and white butter.

Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar(File photo)
Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar(File photo)

She started with how people have a lot of concerns about cholesterol and they worry if they are going to have a heart attack due to it.

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Diwekar opened up in detail about the different kinds of cholesterol and what people should actually be worried about in their lipid profile.

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So what exactly is cholesterol?

"A lot of time we think cholesterol is just fat because every time we do a blood test, this cholesterol report comes in the form of lipid profile. We feel that only if we are overweight, we can have cholesterol. But even thin people can have it. Cholesterol is not just fat but it is a sterol. Its actual name is lipo-protein," says Diwekar.

She says that cholesterol is made of two things i.e. fat and protein and in simple words there are three kinds of cholesterols - bad cholesterol, good cholesterol and very bad cholesterol. "HDL or good cholesterol is called High Density Lipo Protein. This has more protein and less fat and has a heart-protecting effect," says Diwekar.

"In LDL (Low Density Protein), there is more fat and less protein. This is typically called bad cholesterol," she says, adding, "It is not as bad as we make it out to be. It also plays many roles starting from making your hormones, to synthesizing your Vitamin D, to be a part of antioxidants which a lot of heart patients are asked to take," she adds.

Diwekar says that it should be VLDL (Very low density lip-protein) that one should be concerned about which has even more fat and very less protein. She also talked about Triglycerides which get deposited in liver as fat.

She also answered some of the frequently asked questions that people have about cholesterol:

Does fatty food increase cholesterol?

"When we talk about fatty food, we have to split it in two parts - natural fatty food and packaged. If you are having milk, egg, prawns, oysters, red meat it will have cholesterol. There is no problem with natural fatty good but packaged should be avoided at all costs," according to Diwekar.

Should nuts, peanuts, cashew, coconut be avoided?

"The answer is no, these are natural foods, these are vegetarian in nature, and they are zero in cholesterol," she adds.

How harmful are samose, pakore and bhajiya?

"Out of 365 days, if you eat roti, sabzi, daal, chawal on 300 days and on 60 days, you eat fried stuff on shaadis and festivals, it is not going to harm your body and heart," she says.

She lists top reasons people get cholesterol trouble:




Genetic factors



Being on diets

Exercise for three hours and sleep soundly

Diwekar says we need to exercise 3 hours per week to ensure good heart health and urges to include yoga, walking, cycling and strength training in the fitness routine. She also says that sleeping at the right time (9:30pm-10:30pm) and waking up early (between 5am-7am) should ideally be people's sleep routine in order to be stress-free and ultimately win the battle against cholesterol.

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