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Yoga instructor creates Guinness World Record with longest Scorpion Pose. Know the benefits here

ByTapatrisha Das, Delhi
Jun 27, 2022 04:46 PM IST

Yoga instructor Yash Mansukhbhai Moradiya created new record by holding the Scorpion Pose for almost 30 minutes. Read the steps to perform the asana and the benefits here.

History was created. Indian yoga instructor Yash Mansukhbhai Moradiya, currently in Dubai, created Guinness World Record by holding the Scorpion Pose for almost 30 minutes. A few days back, the video of the yoga instructor was shared from the official Instagram handle of Guinness World Records. In the video, Yash Mansukhbhai Moradiya can be seen performing the Scorpion Pose on a yoga mat. “Longest time to hold the scorpion position. 29 min 04 sec by Yash Mansukhbhai Moradiya,” read Guinness World Records’ post. Take a look at the video here.

Yoga instructor creates Guinness World Record with longest Scorpion Pose(Instagram/@guinnessworldrecords)

What is Scorpion Pose:

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In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Yoga Master Akshar said, “Vrischikasana, also known as Scorpion Pose, is a dynamic and powerful pose. This is an advanced level pose that you can start to explore when you have developed ample core strength and shoulder mobility through a regular yoga practice. An inversion, Scorpion Pose can require back bending and imitates the position of a scorpion that is ready to strike.”

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Steps to perform:

Begin by placing your elbows and palms on the ground

Spread them shoulder-width apart and point your fingers forward

Walk your toes towards your elbows while keeping your legs straight

Point your pelvis up and focus at a point ahead

Raise one leg as high as possible

Shift your bodyweight entirely to your arms and raise the other leg

Join your legs and bend them towards your head

Make a curve with your back and bring your feet close to your head

Use your core, shoulder and arm muscle strength to maintain balance and not drop your legs on the floor ahead of you

Remain in the posture for at least 30 seconds

Health benefits:

The Scorpion Pose comes with multiple health benefits. It helps in strengthening the arm, core and shoulders. It also helps in flexing the spine and enhancing digestion. Practising Scorpion Pose also helps in boosting blood circulation to the upper body and improving the sense of balance.

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