Heat stroke horrors: 6 warning signs your pet is dangerously overheated and what to do about it - Hindustan Times

Heat stroke horrors: 6 warning signs your pet is dangerously overheated and what to do about it

By, New Delhi
Jun 16, 2024 02:23 PM IST

Summer heat can bring dangers for our furry friends. Here’s how to spot the warning signs and what steps you need to take to protect your beloved pets.

The summer this year has been unprecedented, from rising heatwaves to temperatures reaching up to 52 degrees celsius, to call it sweltering would be an understatement. As human beings we are uncomfortable feeling this heat, imagine the discomfort your pet is undergoing to maintain its body temperature. As responsible pet parents, we must recognise the warning signs and take quick action. It could become a matter of life and death. Dr Deepak Saraswat, Head Veterinarian, Zigly shared with HT Lifestyle six alarming warning signs that indicate your pet is dangerously overheated and essential tips for dealing with it. (Also read: From growling to lunging: 6 warning signs your dog displays before biting )

Recognising the signs of heat stroke in pets is crucial for their well-being.(Unsplash)
Recognising the signs of heat stroke in pets is crucial for their well-being.(Unsplash)

Signs Your Pet Is at Risk of Heat Stroke

1. Frantic Panting: Panting is your furry companion's natural method to expel excess heat from itself to remain cool. However, if your four-legged pal's panting becomes frantic and rapid, even while resting, it is a red flag requiring urgent attention.

2. Drooling like leaking tap: Drooling is something many pets do, even in normal circumstances. Often, it indicates a lack of hydration. However, excessive drooling with thick and foamy frothing indicates your pet's inability to regulate body temperature.

3. Glassy and glazed eyes: Often overlooked, the eyes of your furry friend can give a hint of overheating. If they have a glazed-over, sunken or vacant stare, accompanied by disorientation, weakness and stumbling, are worrying signs of heatstroke.

4. Heat from the body: Regularly check your pets' body temperature by placing your hand over them. Does the skin feel hot? Are the cool areas like ears and paws warmer than usual?

5. Check Gums and Tongue: Usually, the gums and tongue of your pet will be pink, a sign of good health. On the other hand, if it appears bright/dark red or even bluish, it's a serious sign of heatstroke.

6. Vomiting or Diarrhoea: If your pet pal starts vomiting or experiences diarrhoea, along with the other signs and symptoms of heatstroke, seek immediate vet care.

Emergency Steps to Take

"If you notice any of these alarming signs, take immediate action to cool down your pet. Move them to a shaded or air-conditioned area, apply cool (not cold) water to their body, and encourage them to drink small amounts of water. Never leave your pet unattended in a parked car, even if the windows are open, as the temperature inside can rise rapidly and become deadly. Prevention is key. During the hottest hours of the day, limit outdoor activities and provide plenty of shade and fresh water for your furry friend," says Dr Deepak.

He added, "Consider keeping your pet indoors or in a well-ventilated area and consult your vet about appropriate cooling methods and precautions specific to your pet's breed and health condition. By being vigilant and taking proactive measures, you can help ensure your beloved companion stays safe and comfortable during the sweltering Indian summer."

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