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World Cocktail Day 2024: Raise your glass to 3 irresistible drink recipes

By, New Delhi
May 13, 2024 08:12 AM IST

As we raise our glasses to toast World Cocktail Day, let's delve into the art of mixology with some tantalising drink recipes.

World Cocktail Day, celebrated on May 13, is a global celebration of cocktails. This day marks the publication date of the first definition of a cocktail. A global favourite, cocktails are renowned for their ability to elevate social events and create unforgettable experiences. This delicious drink unites people across borders in joy and celebration. A cocktail was described by the New York tabloid "The Balance and Columbian Repository" as "a stimulating liquor, composed of spirits of any kind, sugar, water, and bitters." These four delicious drink ideas will elevate your toast and add style to your celebrations, regardless of your level of drink-mixing experience. So put on your chef's hat and get ready to celebrate World Cocktail Day 2024 in style. (Also read: Mother's Day 2024 special recipes: 5 delicious desserts and drinks ideas to impress your mom)

3 Must Try Cocktail Recipes

1. Rosie Rosie

From timeless classics to contemporary twists, there's a cocktail for every taste bud. (Pixabay)

(Guppy - Nishant K Gaurav - Lead Mixologist for Guppy)

Rosie Rosie cocktail recipe
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Whiskey 45ml

Aperol 10ml

Apple Soju 30ml

Lemon Juice 4-5 drops

Rose Cordial. 45ml


1. Take a Tall fancy glass and keep it for chilling

2. Decorate glass with dehydrated rose petals

3. Use a cocktail mixer and add all the ingredients together

4. Stir well with ice cubes (6-7 gentle stir)

5. Pour into the glass over block clear ice (recommended)

6. Garnish with rose petals

2. Pom Pom Lime

(Nishant K Gaurav, Lead Mixologist for Guppy)

Pom Pom Lime recipe (Pinterest)


Gin 45ml

Mastiha 15ml

Pomegranate Cordial 30ml

Mint Leaf 4-5 leaves

Lemon Juice 10 ml

Stillabunt 3-4 drops


● Take a coupe glass and keep it for chilling

● Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker

● Shake well with cube ice and stain into another shaker for a dry shake

● Do the hard, dry shake to get a creamy consistency

● Strain with a fine strainer into chilled glass

● Garnish with print rice paper and mint leaf

3. Heat Check, Marièta

Heat Check, Marièta recipe (Pinterest)


Tequila Blanco 60ml

Coriander 2-3

Jalapeño pepper 1

Cucumber juice 50ml

Pinch of Celery salt


● Begin by blending fresh coriander and jalapeños

● Filter the blended mixture

● Proceed by adding in-house cucumber cold press juice to the mix

● Balance the acidity of the mixture by incorporating a sweetener to complement the tartness of the fresh lime juice.

● Serve it in a glass rimmed with celery salt over a block of ice.

● Garnish with a charred jalapeño.

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